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Ruby gem for interacting with the api from inside vagrant

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This application extends the vagrant command line tool to allow for searching the repository of base boxes.


  • List all currently available boxes:
    vagrant vagrantboxes search
  • Do simple text searches:
    vagrant vagrantboxes search centos 
  • Do slightly more complex text searches:
    vagrant vagrantboxes search "debian puppet" 
  • Show all the details of a particular box:
    vagrant vagrantboxes show 1
  • Show only the url of a particular box:
    vagrant vagrantboxes url 1
  • Download a box listed on
    vagrant vagrantboxes add 1


Here's a simple example of the output:

vagrant vagrantboxes search centos
3    centos 5.5      
6    opscode centos 5
7    opscode ubuntu 10.04
9    puppet centos 5.5 64
10   puppet centos 4 64
21   centos 5.6 32   


The easiest way of installing is to use the gem.

gem install vagrantboxes
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