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Serverspec is a test framework for writing tests for your infrastructure. PuppetDB is a data warehouse for all the information collected by Puppet. What happens when you try and combine the two?

This project demonstrates a very simple example of integration, generating serverspec tests for package, service, user and group for all nodes known to PuppetDB.


Currently this example only supports HTTP which is fine for testing. The underlying PuppetDB client also supports HTTPS so it's not lots of work to add this functionality.

Specify the address for your PuppetDB instance like so:

export PUPPETDB_ADDRESS=http://localhost:8080


The tests are run using Rake with:

bundle exec rake spec

To see all the available tests you can run:

bundle exec rake -T

This should reveal individual commands for running the tests for against single nodes.


I've not done any testing of this against a large Puppet install, so it's possible that the performance isn't great.

It also assumes you have a valid SSH configuration for accessing the nodes with a user with sudo permissions.

You may also think that using serverspec to test for the same types that Puppet also deals with isn't of any use. I'm not sure yet but I think it's an interesting experiment.


Example using PuppetDB to generate Serverspec tests



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