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<router-link to="/" class="button">Home</router-link>
<router-link to="dashboard" class="button" v-if="user">Dashboard</router-link>
<router-link to="sign-in" class="button" v-if="!user">Sign-in</router-link>
<router-link to="sign-up" class="button" v-if="!user">Sign-up</router-link>
<a class="button" v-on:click="signOut" v-if="user">Sign-out</a>
import Firebase from "firebase";
export default {
computed: {
user() {
return this.$store.getters.getUser;
methods: {
signOut: function() {
.then(() => {
<style lang="scss">
// Basic styles are pulled in from the Bulma framework
// These style tags could be omitted as they arre not used.
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