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Cause + Concern Triage

Export issues to triage:

export GITHUB_TOKEN='secret'
bin/export mysociety/alaveteli > ./out.csv

Sync triaged issue labels back to GitHub

  • Warning: This "updates" the issue even if the labels already exist, so be aware if you rely on the "Recently updated" or "Least recently updated" sort order.
  • The issue to sync back to is parsed from the url column of the input CSV.
export GITHUB_TOKEN='secret'
cat ./out.csv | bin/sync

Analyse causes in each concern

  • This fetches issues from GitHub, not a CSV export, so its easy to get regular updates. For example, you could run from cron once a quarter.
export GITHUB_TOKEN='secret'
bin/analyse mysociety/alaveteli > ./analysis.csv
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