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I currently work at mySociety.

I've also worked on applications for Box UK, World Vision, Cardiff University Students' Union, Cardiff Venue Centre, Smart Card Store, The Wales Trades Union Congress, Havering Fabian Society and Maesycoed Motors.


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I founded and run cardiffrb, a monthly meet up for Ruby programmers in Cardiff, UK.

I created Cardiff Collective as a place for entrepreneurs in Cardiff to connect and share knowledge.

I'm working with Sam Knight to open Welsh politics with Your Senedd.

Open Source

I have several open source projects hosted on GitHub.

  • Git to SVN Guide: A guide of how to use SVN when you're familiar with Git
  • Example.html: A file full of standard HTML5 elements to check your stylesheet doesn’t miss anything out (Demo)
  • Vanilla CSS: An empty stylesheet containing all the standard HTML tags to build up your default styles after applying a reset
  • Anchors: A collection of link styles and some clever things you can do with the HTML anchor tag (Demo)



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