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+# Estimate Reading Time
+I use [iA Writer]( "iA Writer") and find the *estimated reading time* feature pretty handy. I thought it would be cool to add at the top of my blog articles on the web as [others]( "The personal blog of @nicepaul") do.
+Full credit goes to [Brian Cray]( "Brian Cray - Estimated Reading Time in Web Design") for explaining how to do it in PHP.
+## How to Use
+[readingtime]( "Gem to estimate reading time") extends the Ruby String class, so you can call `reading_time` on any string object.
+### Example
+ @words = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"
+ @words.reading_time
+ => "0:1"
+## Bugs
+* As in the example, second ranges under ten seconds are formatted as `0:1` instead of `0:01`
+* Ideally, `reading_time` should return a `Time` object so it can be formatted with `strftime`

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