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This file is no longer maintained. Consult the Git log for newer changes.
= 2008.07.XX
== Filetype Detection
The IRB RC file (.irbrc) is now detected as being a Ruby file.
= 2007.05.07
== Ruby Syntax Highlighting
Highlight OPTIMIZE alongside FIXME and TODO.
Multiline array literals can now be folded.
== Ruby Filetype Support
Added mappings for [[, ]], [], ][, [m, ]m, [M, and ]M. The first four bounce
between class and module declarations, and the last four between method
== eRuby Syntax Highlighting
Tim Pope has taken over maintenance of the eRuby syntax file. The subtype of
the file is now determined dynamically from the filename, rather than being
hardwired to HTML. It can be overridden with b:eruby_subtype.
== eRuby Filetype Support
Tim Pope has taken over maintenance of the eRuby filetype plugin. Like with
the syntax file, the subtype is now determined dynamically.
== eRuby Indenting
As with the syntax file and filetype plugin, the subtype is now determined
== Bug Fixes
Ruby syntax file
- when ruby_operators is set, highlight scope and range operators, and don't
match '>' in =>'
- regexp literals are highlighted after the 'else' keyword
- don't match [!=?] as part of a sigil prefixed symbol name
- allow text to appear after, and on the same line, as '=begin' in
rubyDocumentation regions
- highlight %s() ans a symbol, not a string
- eliminated some false positves for here docs, symbols, ASCII codes, and
conditionals as statement modifiers
- added "neus" to regexp flags
- Highlight punctuation variables in string interpolation, and flag invalid
ones as errors
- removed : from rubyOptionalDoLine (falsely matches on symbols)
Ruby filetype plugin
- eliminated some false positives with the matchit patterns
Ruby indent plugin
- ignore instance, class, and global variables named "end"
= 2007.03.02
== Omni Completion
Fall back to syntax highlighting completion if Vim lacks the Ruby interface.
RubyGems is now loaded by default if available.
Classes are detected using ObjectSpace. Kernel methods are included in method
Added completion in Rails views. Rails helpers are included. Rails migrations
now have completion.
== Ruby Syntax Highlighting
Ruby code is highlighted inside interpolation regions.
Symbols are now highlighted with the Constant highlight group; Constants and
class names with the Type highlight group.
Symbol names specified with a string recognise interpolation and escape
Alias statements receive special highlighting similar to other 'definitions'.
== Ruby Filetype Support
Matchit support has been improved to include (), {}, and [] in the list of
patterns so that these will be appropriately skipped when included in comments.
ri has been added as the 'keywordprg' and 'balloonexpr' is set to return the
output of ri.
== eRuby Indenting
Tim Pope has taken over maintenance of the eRuby indent file. Ruby code is now
indented appropriately.
== Bug Fixes
Ruby syntax file
- trailing whitespace is no longer included with the def, class, module
- escaped interpolation regions should now be ignored in all cases.
- conditional and loop statements are now highlighted correctly in more
locations (where they're used as expressions).
eRuby syntax file
- '-' trim mode block delimiters are now recognised.
Omni Completion
- more robustness; failure to parse buffer no longer errors or prevents
= 2006.07.11
== Omni Completion
A new omni completion function is now included which offers IntelliSense-like
functionality. See :help ft-ruby-omni for further information.
Note: This will only work with Vim 7.x, compiled with the Ruby interface
(+ruby), and Ruby 1.8.x
== Ruby Filetype Support
Matchit support has been improved to include (), {}, and [] in the list of
patterns meaning these will be appropriately skipped when included in comments.
== Ruby Syntax Highlighting
Operators can now be highlighted by defining the Vim global variable
Multiline comments will now be folded. This can be disabled by defining the
"ruby_no_comment_fold" Vim variable.
== Filetype Detection
RJS and RXML templates are now detected as being 'filetype=ruby'.
== FAQ
There is a new FAQ document included. This is a work in progress and any
feedback would be appreciated.
== Bug Fixes
Ruby syntax file - if/unless modifiers after a method name ending with [?!=]
should now be highlighted correctly.
= 2005.10.07
== Vim 6.4
This release is included in Vim 6.4.
== Bug Fixes
Ruby filetype plugin - symbols were incorrectly being matched as match_words
causing the matchit motion command to jump to an incorrect location in some
= 2005.10.05
== Bug Fixes
Ruby syntax file - allow for comments directly after module/class/def lines
without intervening whitespace (fold markers were breaking syntax highlighting).
Ruby filetype plugin - improve ordering of 'path' elements.
eRuby syntax file - make use of ruby_no_expensive local to the buffer.
= 2005.09.24
== Filetype Detection
The eruby filetype is now detected solely based on the file's extension. This
was being overridden by the scripts.vim detection script.
Note: Only files ending in *.rhtml are detected as filetype eruby since these
are currently assumed to be Ruby embedded in (X)HTML only. Other filetypes
could be supported if requested.
== eRuby Indent File
There is a new eRuby indent file which simply sources the HTML indent file for
== eRuby Compiler Plugin
This now supports erb as the default 'makeprg'. To use eruby set the
eruby_compiler variable to "eruby" in your .vimrc
== Test::Unit Compiler Plugin
This has been improved and should now display messages similar to, though more
detailed than, the GUI test runners.
== Bug Fixes
A few minor bugs have been fixed in the Ruby syntax and indent files.
= 2005.09.15
== eRuby Support
There are new syntax, compiler, and ftplugin files for eRuby. This support is
incomplete and we're keen to hear of any problems or suggestions you may have
to improve it.
== Ruby Filetype Support
The Ruby filetype plugin has been improved to include as many useful settings
as possible without intruding too much on an individual user's preferences.
Matchit support has been improved, and the following options are now set to
appropriate values: comments, commentstring, formatoptions, include,
includeexpr, path, and suffixesadd
== Filetype Detection
The new ftdetect mechanism of Vim 6.3 is being utilized to enable filetype
detection of eRuby files until this is officially added to the next release of
== Installation Directories
The installer script now, where possible, automatically determines both the
user and system-wide preferences directory.
== Bug Fixes
A large number of bugs have been fixed in the Ruby syntax and indent files.