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Given that the following exercise has been done
Create a Paragraph type - “Social Media” with the following fields -

  1. Embed Code (Text field that accepts any long text and is rendered without any filters (Hint: Create a text format called “Raw”) and
  2. Link

On the Article Content type - Add a new field referring to the above paragraph type created (Multiple values allowed).
Configure display of the paragraph type and the article content type such that the embed code and link are displayed as on the screengrab attached.

Bonus Exercise
Theme the paragraph type such that the 2 fields (Embed code and link, wherever they are shown on any content type, are rendered in 2 columns as below:

Embed CodeLink


  1. Create a custom theme - with info file etc.
  2. Create a .theme file - eg: suchi.theme
  3. This file is similar to the template.php file that we had earlier. Please check the file - there is a preprocess_paragraph function where we are defining our variables to be used in the twig template.
  4. Create a paragraph template - paragraph--social_media.html.twig Use the variable defined in #2 - as per the table structure we need.