Supports to create plugins of the CUT-IN Manager.
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  • CUT-IN : Momentary animation of about 1000-2000ms.
  • CUT-IN App: A plugin app for display CUT-INs.

CUT-IN Manager

character image is from "JewelSaviorFree"

The CUT-IN Manager supports to show CUT-IN in response to various triggers.

CUT-IN App Plugin

CutinAppSupport is the development kit to create CUT-IN Apps.

Trigger Extension Plugin

CutinTriggerExtension is the development kit to add extention trigger to the CUT-IN Manager.

App Links

The CUT-IN Manager has free link area for plugins. Please create issue include following information if you want to add:

  • Icon of app(144px*144px)
  • Name of app
  • URL of google play

Issue sample is here.

API Level

CUT-IN Manager and plugins work on API level 10+.