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Perl binding for libssh C library
Perl XS C
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Libssh::Session - Secure Shell protocol interface

Libssh::Session is a perl interface to the libssh library : It supports the authentification on a SSH server, command execution and some sftp capabilities.

It's still in working progress (but it's functional ;)


To install Libssh::Session, you need following perl module:

  • ExtUtils-MakeMaker

For the module execution, no need of perl module dependencies.


This module also requires these libraries:

  • libssh (recommended to use version 0.7.0 or later)
  • OpenSSL


To compile libssh dependency on centos 6:

# mkdir build
# make
# make install

To install Libssh::Session type the following:

# perl Makefile.PL
# make
# make install


By default, the OpenSSH daemon authorize 10 sessions in parrallel for one connection. You can increase that number with option MaxSessions.


Please report bugs and request features on the github :

All helps are welcomed!

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