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Simply defines the Test Driven Development Katas. In this, lets try to create most famous katas to understand what are exactly Katas. These Katas can also be used for practicising your C# skills for Unit testing.

How to contribute:

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MIT License, refer: License info for more information.

Explained Learning Test Driven Development with TDD Katas

Nuget package: TDD Katas

For more info visit: here

TDD-Katas : Continued from TDD-Kata practices

More flavors

Lookig for implementation in your technology? There are more flavors of the repository:

  1. TDD Katas in .NET Core
  2. TDD Katas in Java
  3. TDD Katas in JavaScript
  4. TDD Katas in Python
  5. TDD Katas in PHP

Note: This is a place to find and practice TDD Katas. Feel free to submit pull requests with additional tests, or issues if you find any.