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Simply defines the Test Driven Development Katas. In this, lets try to create most famous katas to understand what are exactly Katas. These Katas can also be used for practicising your C# skills for Unit testing.

How to contribute:

Want to contribute? Make a pull request (PR) to develop branch. Do not make any PR to Master branch.


Nuget package: TDD Katas

For more info visit: here

Articles on TDD-Katas

Articles from the developers:

  1. Learning Test Driven Development with TDD Katas
  2. TDD-Kata practices - Obsolete


Many thanks to all the contributors who spent their time to create Katas and write code. Their contribution is priceless, A small gratitude for their contributions:

  1. Justin Kurtz
  2. Choi Jung Hyun
  3. Mikkel Nylander Bundgaard
  4. Krzysztof Mędrela
  5. Bruno Sanches
  6. Stephanie Melnyk
  7. Saurabh Mishra
  8. John Lianoglou
  9. Mattias Josefsson
  10. Māris Krivtežs
  11. Florian Brinker
  12. Santiago Castro
  13. Sean Killeen
  14. M Farag
  15. Oleg Kainov
  16. Javier González
  17. Javier González

More flavors

Lookig for implementation in your technology? There are more flavors of the repository:

  1. TDD Katas in Java
  2. TDD Katas in JavaScript
  3. TDD Katas in Python
  4. TDD Katas in PHP


MIT License, refer: License info for more information.

Note: We recently upgraded our projects to .NET5.0. For previous releases, please refer to:

  1. .NETCore31
  2. .NET45

Feel free to submit pull requests with additional tests.