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NX Game Info


  • NSP, XCI, NRO and installed titles on Switch SD card
  • Game files structure (Scene Release, CDN Rip, Authoring Tool, Converted from other formats)
  • NCA signature to verify official Nintendo titles. Unmodified titles should pass this verification, although titles converted from other formats will not
  • Filesystem services permissions. Game titles should not have excessive permissions, and only trust titles with Unsafe and Dangerous from reliable source


  • Title ID
  • Title Name
  • Display Version
  • Version
  • Latest Version
  • Firmware
    • Minimum system version from Metadata NCA or RequiredSystemVersion from Metadata XML (for NSP files). Not to be confused with Gamecard Update Partition version for XCI files
  • MasterKey
  • File Name
  • File Size
  • Type
    • Base
    • Update
    • DLC
  • Distribution
    • Digital: eShop titles (NSP)
    • Cartridge: Gamecard titles (XCI)
    • Homebrew: Homebrew titles (NRO)
    • Filesystem: Installed titles on Switch SD card (NAX0)
  • Structure
    • Scene (for XCI files): XCI files with Update Partition, Normal Partition and Secure Partition
    • Converted (for XCI files): XCI files with only Secure Partition. Commonly found in NSP converted to XCI files
    • Scene (for NSP files): NSP files with legalinfo.xml, nacp.xml, programinfo.xml, cardspec.xml. Commonly found in BBB Scene Release
    • Homebrew (for NSP files): NSP files with authoringtoolinfo.xml
    • CDN (for NSP files): NSP files with cert and tik. Commonly found in NSP files ripped from the eShop CDN server
    • Converted (for NSP files): NSP files without cert and tik. Commonly found in XCI converted to NSP files
    • Filesystem (for SD Card files): NAX0 files installed titles on Switch SD card
    • Not complete: XCI/NSP files with only NCA files
  • Signature
    • Passed: NCA signature valid. Only available for official titles
    • Not Passed: NCA signature invalid. Should only be for homebrew titles and not official titles
  • Permission

How to

NX Game Info uses prod.keys, title.keys and console.keys in the format as defined in and hac_versionlist.json from tagaya CDN server

  • prod.keys: Mandatory keys includes header_key, aes_kek_generation_source, aes_key_generation_source, key_area_key_application_source and master_key_00. Failing to provide these keys will make the application quit master_key_##, key_area_key_application_## and titlekek_## will also be necessary to decrypt titles with higher MasterKey requirement
  • title.keys: Optional, but required for Permission check
  • console.keys: Optional, but sd_seed key required for Open SD Card feature
  • hac_versionlist.json: Optional, but required for Latest Version feature

The application will look for these files at the following locations (other file locations will follow wherever prod.keys file was found)

  • Directory of the executable file (.exe) for Windows
  • $HOME/.switch e.g. C:\Users\yourname\.switch for Windows or /Users/yourname/.switch for macOS


Open File/Directory


Open SD Card



Open File/Directory


Open SD Card



@Thealexbarney for the LibHac library.
@switchbrew for the documentation on the Nintendo Switch.
@gibaBR for the Switch-Backup-Manager project.