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The 6 Degrees of code challenge following my git talk
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6Doc Git challenge

The aim of the challenge is to solve following problem with the least number of characters.

The problem

The prime factors of 13195 are 5, 7, 13 and 29.
What is the largest prime factor of the number 600851475143 ?


The winner will get a R400 book voucher complements of Driven Software. The winner will be announced at the next 6 Degrees of code meeting

How to enter

* Create a github account
* Fork this solution
* Check it out to your machine
* Create another test file with your name
* Write a test to prove that you can solve it for 13195 and another for 600851475143
* push the changes to your github account
* Send me a pull request I will merge it in

Git help

Some great git references


Cheat Sheets:

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