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n.n.n / 2011-06-13

  • merging
  • update readme
  • all examples working again
  • have async working and improved reporting output with stacktrace
  • better code after refactor
  • refactoring and adding global beforeAll and AfterAll
  • more matchers
  • small refactoring
  • gitignore update
  • fix bug with beforeSpecs
  • clean up and improved api changes
  • basics of new runner
  • fix typo's
  • remove unneeded files
  • sss
  • write out new api style
  • some small clean up of semi-colons etc
  • add less than matcher on cloud9ide
  • version bump
  • Merge branch 'watchers'
  • file watch and move to specs
  • add redirect matcher
  • after all specs created
  • beforeAllSpecs run
  • added timeout and fixed examples
  • updated after to have a done cb
  • bump version on bug fix, closer to stable new release
  • fix small bug on callbacks