A library for working with the Ableton Push in the browser
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Ableton Push

abletonpush is a library for working with the Ableton Push in the browser. A working example can be found here. It is designed to allow a user to play notes and chords in the Isomorphic pad layout on the Push. The pad is setup in C Major scale and each pad pressed will be relative to that. The pads will be coloured to show the layout and pads will change colour when pressed.


The abletonpush module is distributed through npm and is compatible with webpack and browserify. You can install it:

npm install --save @garrensmith/abletonpush

Table Of Contents


abletonpush is only designed to run in the browser. It uses the webmidi library underneath. Currently only Google Chrome supports webmidi. With Google Chrome, web midi will work with http on a localhost port but for a production site it will require https.

import AbletonPush from 'abletonpush'

const abletonpush = new AbletonPush();

abletonpush.on('note:on', ({note, octave}) => {
  console.log(`note ${note}:${octave}` was pressed);

Once the library has connected to an Ableton Push it will colour the pads on the Push so that can be used as an Isomorphic keyboard.


abletonpush is an eventemitter at its core. It sends events for any interaction with the Push device.

Event Description
push:connected A push deviced is connected
push:disconnected A push deviced is disconnected.
push:failed Failed to access the push's inputs and outputs
push:encoder:${name} A push encoder with the name has togged in a direction
push:encoder:${number} A push encoder with the number has togged in a direction
note:on A pad has been pressed
note:off A pad has been released
push:chord A major/minor chord was played (this is very experimental)


This sets the colours for the buttons just below the encoders. This can be used along with the buttonColours variable.

import AbletonPush from 'abletonpush';
import { buttonColors } from 'abletonpush';

const push = new AbletonPush();
push.setColourButtons(102, buttonColors.red);

Take a look at Ableton Push Midi interface for the correct button numbers


Passing logging: true when creating the AbletonPush object will enable logging.

const push = new AbletonPush({logging: true})


Apache license 2.0