camera related files, mainly pertaining to Lightroom and GF1 & Canon cameras (for now)
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Camera Stuff

Currently, this repository has Lightroom specific files related to a few Canon cameras and the Panasonic GF1.

Feel free to fork and contribute more profiles and presets.


  • GF1 BW: Use this preset to quickly make an image from a raw file appear to have been shot with a GF1 in black and white JPEG mode.

  • GF1 Dynamic Color 1 & 2: Some incomplete attempts to replicate the GF1's "dynamic color" JPEG mode in a preset.

While these were intended to process Panasonic GF1 raw files to look similar to its JPEG output, these presets should work with any raw files (for a similar look). These were based on tweaking a raw photograph of a ColorChecker until it looked quite similar to its JPEG counterpart (from JPEG+raw mode). Then, a sanity check was done to make sure it also looked similar to a non-ColorChecker photograph using the same sort of comparison (tweaked raw versus JPEG, both from JPEG+raw mode).


Included are dual-illuminant profiles for the following cameras:

  • Canon D60
  • Canon 5D MarkII
  • Panasonic DMC-GF1

All profiles have been made under both daylight and incandescent lighting, using an X-Rite (formerly Gretag Macbeth) ColorChecker. While they are made for my specific cameras, they will likely work adequately for yours as well. However, cameras do supposedly vary in color, so it might not be as good as a custom-made profile specifically for your camera. (Still, it's probably better than nothing.)

How to use these files

Note: The presets & profiles included in this repository are intended for use with Lightroom 3.

Et cetera

Files in this repository are licensed under the CC Attribution 3.0 License

If you're using these files... you're not obligate to let me know, but it would be nice if you tell me you like them, or contribute improvements (such as more camera profiles, for example).