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-- Initial wumpus.cabal generated by cabal init. For further
-- documentation, see
-- The name of the package.
name: wumpus
-- The package version. See the Haskell package versioning policy (PVP)
-- for standards guiding when and how versions should be incremented.
-- PVP summary: +-+------- breaking API changes
-- | | +----- non-breaking API additions
-- | | | +--- code changes with no API change
-- A short (one-line) description of the package.
synopsis: Text-based dungeon crawler
-- A longer description of the package.
-- description:
-- URL for the project homepage or repository.
-- The license under which the package is released.
license: PublicDomain
-- The file containing the license text.
license-file: LICENSE
-- The package author(s).
author: Garrett Oreilly
-- An email address to which users can send suggestions, bug reports, and
-- patches.
-- A copyright notice.
-- copyright:
category: Game
build-type: Simple
-- Constraint on the version of Cabal needed to build this package.
cabal-version: >=1.8
executable wumpus
-- .hs or .lhs file containing the Main module.
main-is: Main.hs
-- Modules included in this executable, other than Main.
other-modules: Player, Map
-- Other library packages from which modules are imported.
build-depends: base ==4.5.*, random ==1.0.*