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Aspire PHP Framework

My goal is for Aspire to be the best general-purpose PHP app framework out there.

Currently targeting: PHP 5.6+

In an age of front-end JavaScript frameworks like Angular, Backbone, React, Vue, Ember, ExtJs, and the like, where the code running on the server is just a dumb ReST API, I believe there is still a place alongside them for apps that run primarily on purpose-built web servers. These apps are not complex; they more closely resemble web pages than a piece of software, and a large portion of the web still looks and works that way, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. That's not a bad thing. Aspire aims to give those webmasters a leg up.

Defining characteristics (in priority order)

  • Hybrid architecture (ADR + the ViewModel from MVVM)
  • Opinionated regarding use of best practices (I want this to be a model for the community)
  • True, full object-oriented code
  • Complete class modularity
  • Standards-compliant code that is easy to read, write, and understand
  • Performant and scalable
  • Behavior-driven development (BDD)
  • User authentication/ACL functionality included as an integral component
  • Small, limited-functionality core that is easily extensible
  • Use of libraries from the community unless a suitable one does not exist
  • Centered around Composer and Github but includes an installer for non-CLI environments

File structure

  • doc/ (auto-generated API documentation)
  • features/ (API behavior specs in plain English)
  • src/ (all core framework code)
  • spec/ (testable code behavior specs)


  • ORM (data mapper): Level-2/Maphper
  • Router: crysalead/router
  • Templating engine: Level-2/Transphporm
  • Need to find good authentication and ACL libs


Any contributions are welcomed and requested. Help me make this thing awesome!