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// GGNObservable.swift
// Pods
// Created by Garric Nahapetian on 10/18/16.
import Foundation
/// The `GGNObservable` class can be used for simple reactive style programming. This class has a generic type constraint.
open class Observable<T> {
// MARK: - Initialization
Initializes an instance of an `Obersvable` that's constrained to generic type `T`.
- Example: `let alertOutput = Observable<UIAlertController>()`
public init() {}
// MARK: - Properties
This typealias exists mainly for convenience, however it's type is important. `Closure` is an `optional` function that takes an instance of the generic type `T` and returns `Void`.
- parameter T: A function that takes a `T`
- Returns: `Void`
public typealias Closure = ((T) -> Void)
/// Read Only. Returns optional generic type `T` representing the last event that was emitted.
public var lastEvent: T? { return _lastEvent }
// MARK: - Methods
Call this method on an instance of `Observable` to respond to events emitted from it. This method captures the passed in closure, stores it, and performs it when `emit(event:)` is called on the same instance of `Observable`. One `Observable` can have multiple observers.
- parameter closure: The closure to perform on `emit(event:)`.
- Example: `viewModel.alertOutput.onNext { [weak self] alert in self?.presentViewController(alert, animated: true, completion: nil) }`
open func onNext(perform closure: @escaping Closure) {
Call this method on an instance of `Observable` to emit an instance of the generic type `T`. This method performs any and all closures that are captured by calls to `onNext(perform:)`.
- parameter event: An instance of the generic type `T`.
- Example: `alertOutput.emit(alert)`
open func emit(_ event: T) {
_lastEvent = event
closures.forEach { emit in
fileprivate var closures: [Closure] = []
fileprivate var _lastEvent: T?