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LablGTK changes log
In Lablgtk-2.18.7:
2018.12.9 [Guillaume Melquiond]
* Support property "expand" of GtkTreeViewColumn (available since 2.4)
2018.11.30 [Jacques]
* ensure we compile on ocaml 4.05 (report by Ralf Treinen)
* put examples explicitly in the public domain (report by Ralf Treinen)
2018.11.19 [Hugo Herbelin]
* In GToolbox, add support for declaring dialogs transient for a parent.
2018.11.12 [Maxence]
* Add some properties to GText.tag
2018.08.25 [Francois Bobot]
* Add require for threads in META
In Lablgtk-2.18.6:
2017.10.30 [Jacques]
* prepare release
* finish transition for applications subdirectory
2017.09.19 [Jacques]
* prepare for 4.06: -safe-string transition and warnings
In Lablgtk-2.18.5:
2016.08.10 [Jacques]
* update applications/browser for 4.04
2016.08.02 [Jacques]
* add CAMLparam before CAMLlocal (report by Francois Bobot)
* add -fno-unwind-tables to GTKCFLAGS if the compiler allows it
(suggested by Bart Jacobs)
In Lablgtk-2.18.4:
2016.04.27 [Jacques]
* disable camlp4 make rule when no camlp4o available
* update applications
* rename GC module to GMain.Gc_custom
2016.04.11 [Jacques]
* Fix ml_gnome_canvas_c2w (Didier Le Botlan)
2016.03.06 [Jacques]
* remove build dependency on camlp4 (still needed for tree version)
* allow to change the GC speed (i.e. the impact of custom blocks)
see GMain.GC.set_speed.
2016.03.04 [Jacques]
* use own definition of alloc_custom, to be sure to allocate in the heap
2015.04.16 [Jacques]
* fix GtkTree.TreeModel.cast
2015.02.06 [Jacques]
* add get_image and get_pixbuf to GDraw.drawable.
In Lablgtk-2.18.3:
2014.10.06 [Jacques]
* add Gdk.Window.create_foreign and set_transient_for functions
(Tim Cuthbertson)
2014.09.20 [Jacques]
* CAMLparam initializes with Val_unit rather than 0 since ocaml 4.02.
Fix a related problem in ml_gobject.
This caused random crashes with unison (Christopher Zimmermann, PR#1425)
* Also factorize some code to use Val_option_*
* Replace XID by GdkNativeWindow where required.
You may need to insert calls to Gdk.Window.native_of_xid in some places.
In Lablgtk-2.18.2:
2014.09.17 [Jacques]
* Revert old commit which broke notify signals
* Quote $(FLINSTALLDIR) in Makefile (cf PR#1342)
* Update applications/browser for 4.02
2014.08.22 [Jacques]
* Make Float_val an alias for Double_val, since it was used
wrongly anyway (Felix Ruess)
* Make GObj.misc_ops#add_accelerator polymorphic in the widget of
the signal (Erkki Seppala)
* Use properties in GtkAdjustment, rather than direct accessors
2013.12.31 [Jacques]
* fix GtkTree.IconView.get_path_at_pos (Thomas Leonard)
In Lablgtk-2.18.1:
2013.12.6 [Jacques]
* add gtksourceview2 to windows binaries
In Lablgtk-2.18.0:
2013.10.01 [Jacques]
* prepare release
* update applications for 4.01
* various fixes in windows port
2013.9.17 [Jacques]
* add some GTK enumerations and update stock icon list
* add properties GtkTreeView.enable_{tree,grid}_lines
* add properties GtkEntry.{primary,secondary}_icon_{stock,name,pixbuf},
see examples/ for usage
2013.7.29 [Pierre-Marie]
* add tags in GtkMovementStep
2013.2.19 [Jacques]
* fix compatibility with ocaml 4.01 (?lab for non-optional arguments)
2012.08.26 [Pierre-Marie]
* add handling of new modifiers
2012.08.26 [Jacques]
* detect findlib during configuration
* support DESTDIR with findlib-install
2012.08.26 [Jacques]
* indicate that only old-install supports DESTDIR
* have old-install copy the META file too
* cleanup the two phases of findlib-install
In Lablgtk-2.16.0:
2012.08.23 [Jacques]
* update Windows port, compiles fine on mingw with
./configure --disable-gtktest
* lablgtk2 script does not load extra libraries by default
(use flag -all to load all extensions)
2012.08.17 [Jacques]
* generate correct lablgtk2 script for findlib.
* add old-uninstall target.
* support threaded toplevel with Quartz backend, using
(runs the toplevel loop in another thread)
* remove GtkThInit from META (not portable)
* avoid busy waiting by using g_main_context_set_poll_func to
make polling non-blocking.
busy waiting is still needed for VM threads, and can be activated
by setting the environment variable LABLGTK_BUSY_WAIT.
2012.08.16 [Jacques]
* update applications/browser for OCaml 4.00
* update applications/camlirc to use GText instead of GBroken.text
2012.07.26 [Pierre-Marie]
* improvements to GtkSourceView2.
* add cast and assignation functions to GText.nocopy_iter.
* add Gtk 2.10 missing key modifiers.
2012.07.24 [Jacques]
* can still install using old-install.
2012.06.19 [Adrien]
* add a high-level API to create keyboard shortcuts.
2012.06.12 [Adrien]
* add several #as_foo methods: entry, notebook, range
* new signals for notebook: select_page, reorder_tab,
change_current_page, move_focus_out, page_{added,removed,reordered}
* add gtk_container_child_{set,get}_property
* add gtk_notebook_{set,get}_tab_reorderable
* add gtk_signal_new which can be used to create custom keyboard shortcuts
* add g_signal_list and g_signal_query
* add functions to connect to notify::foo signals which indicate when an
object property changes
* add foo#connect#notify_bar methods to add callbacks on changes of
the "bar" property of the object "foo".
2012.04.11 [Maxence]
* use findlib to install (see README for the list of installed packages)
2012.06.05 [Jacques]
* merge GtkSourceView2 additions by Pierre-Marie Pedrot
2012.03.07 [Jacques]
* add Make_Val_option to wrappers.h
2011.07.20 [Jacques]
* add gtk_accelerator_name/get_label (for Pierre Boutillier)
* add gtk_accel_map_foreach/change_entry (ibid)
* add gdk_window_clear_area (for DDR)
* make gtk_tree_view_get_visible_range version dependent (Thomas Ripoche)
In Lablgtk-2.14.2:
2010.09.09 [Jacques]
* add GtkCurve (but it is deprecated since 2.20)
2010.08.16 [Jacques]
* rename g_value_{get,set}_variant, as the name is used by recent
versions of glib (reported by Florent Monnier)
2010.07.25 [Jacques]
* add changed signal to cell_renderer_combo (reported by Dmitry Bely)
2010.07.23 [Jacques]
* copy GtkTreePath arguments in callbacks, as reported by Benjamin.
2010.06.25 [Jacques]
* remove gtkInit.cmo from gdk_pixbuf_mlsource, no need to
initialize Gtk as Gobject is sufficient
* protect GtkThread callbacks against exceptions, and provide a
function to process messages inside a different main loop.
* add -nothinit option to lablgtk2, since Quartz cannot run the main
loop in a different thread (one should just call GtkThread.main).
See for an example.
2010.06.08 [Jacques]
* correct interfaces due to the fixing of an unsoundness bug in ocaml 3.12
In Lablgtk-2.14.1:
2010.05.20 [Jacques]
* update unison patch to 2.40.16 (for Quartz users)
2010.05.18 [Jacques]
* rename to gtkSignal.ml4 and fix depend target
* move Glib.Utf8 code to, so that it can be used in xml_lexer
to fix a bug report by Pascal Brisset (multibyte entities of the form
● in glade files).
2010.04.08 [Jacques]
* remove useless methods (discovered by ocaml 3.12)
2010.01.14 [Benjamin]
* Apply patch from Mike Spivey to support get_visible range in Gtree
* Fixed incorrect target labgtkspell.cmxs in Makefile
2009.10.01 [Jacques]
* Correct wrong module name SourceViewEnums -> SourceView2Enums
In Lablgtk-2.14.0:
2009.09.25 [Jacques]
* Ensure compilation under windows
2009.09.22 [Benjamin]
* Restore compatibility with pre-3.11 OCaml versions
2009.09.01 [Benjamin]
* Apply patch from Mike Spivey:
* Access to StyleSchemeManager objects
* Some attributes are strings and not string options. This seems
* Languages and style schemes are treated alike in creating buffers:
both arguments are wrapped.
* draw_spaces deals with a list of flags, not a single flag.
* Mark categories can have priorities, icons and backgrounds
* Some attributes of languages are accessed by methods instead of
properties to work around a GTK bug.
2009.09.01 [Benjamin]
* Support for GtkSourceView 2.6 in library "lablgtksourceview2"
* Support for GtkSourceView 1.x is still available in library
"lablgtksourceview" but it is no longer linked into the lablgtk2
default toplevel as it is not linkable with "lablgtksourceview2".
2009.05.21 [Jacques]
* Apply Anil Madhavapeddy patch for lablgladecc2 -hide-default
2009.05.18 [Benjamin]
* Make and install dynamic cmxs objects when available.
* Fix compilation bug for ml_panel.c (Richard Jones message of 2009-02-06)
2009.05.12 [Jacques]
* Merge new tooltip support from Moutinho's branch r1365
(sorry for 1.5y delay...)
* Merge tree DND from Moutinho's branch r1387 (1y delay...)
2009.05.08 [Jacques]
* Add Gdk.Windowing.platform for platform dependent applications
* Fix bug in Clist.set_pixmap when no mask given
2009.04.20 [Jacques]
* Print backtrace if available when exception raised in signal callback.
Requires ocaml 3.11. (suggested by Bart Jacobs)
* Use "val virtual obj" in generated code. Requires ocaml 3.10.
2009.03.19 [Jacques]
* In GtkAboutDialog, change internal property from "name" to "program-name"
if version >= 2.12. The OO interface is left unchanged, since there is
no conflict with #misc#name anyway.
2009.02.09 [Benjamin]
* fix linking bug for older than 2.2 Gtk with g_io_channel_read_chars
2009.01.20 [Benjamin]
* change handling of non existent properties.
[Not_found] is no longer raised and [Invalid_argument prop_name] is
used instead.
No exception is raised by unknown dynamic property setters and a GLib
warning is emitted.
See the comments in src/gobject.mli in the local Property module.
2009.01.13 [Benjamin]
* fix compilation issues with Gtk 2.4
In Lablgtk-2.12.0:
2008.12.20 [Jacques]
* fix build process for ocaml 3.11 on MSVC and mingw.
2008.12.09 [Jacques]
* fix ml_gtk_source_buffer_create_marker
2008.10.30 [Benjamin]
* Support Gtk Quartz backend compilation (thanks to Pascal Cuoq)
2008.10.07 [Benjamin]
* Revert last change on GEdit.entry_completion according to M. Clasen.
Keeping the new type for the callback match_selected.
2008.10.05 [Benjamin]
* Change type of model contained in GEdit.entry_completion from
model to model_filter see
2008.09.10 [Benjamin]
* Many custom tree model bugs fixed.
2008.09.04 [Benjamin]
* First attempt to support custom_tree_models in GTree.
I need some feedback on ways to improve the safety.
An example of usage is given in examples/
Part of the code comes from Robert Schneck: he agreed by private mail
on relicensing it for lablgtk2.
2008.08.20 [Jacques]
* Move model to head of properties in ComboBox
(bug reported by Pierre-Marie Pedrot)
2008.08.03 [Benjamin]
* Support for wrapped signal of GEdit.spin_button (Gtk 2.10)
2008.08.01 [Benjamin]
* Support for GtkRendererAccel of Gtk 2.10
2008.07.26 [Benjamin]
* Add a few 2.10 properties GAction.icon_name, GButton.image_position,
2008.07.25 [Olivier]
* don't use G_QUEUE_INIT (dependency on glib 2.14)
2008.07.25 [Jacques]
* Add [widget] to Gtk.file_chooser
* configure did not work on FreeBSD
2008.05.09 [Benjamin]
* Add Glib.Io.read_chars. Other g_io_* function could be added...
2008.04.14 [Olivier]
* use Gc.create_alarm to delay GObject finalization instead of an idle
2008.03.31 [Benjamin]
* Support mingw compilation with OCaml 3.11. Still tricky...
2008.03.25 [Jacques]
* add GtkWindow properties
* add GMain.Event
* add GtkMenu.Menu.popup_at
2008.03.22 [Benjamin]
* prepare gtksourceview 2.1 support
In lablgtk-2.10.1:
2008.02.26 [Jacques]
* fix wrong type in GContainer.mli (could not compile with 3.10.2)
2007.12.01 [Jacques]
* revert to setting LC_NUMERIC to C (ocaml still uses strtod)
2007.11.28 [Jacques]
* Fix Val_GType/GType_val (use Val_addr/Addr_val)
2007.10.09 [Benjamin]
* add ui_manager#as_ui_manager
2007.09.27 [Jacques]
* Fix examples.
In lablgtk-2.10.0:
2007.09.25 [Jacques]
* Various preparations for release.
* Use the "Glade for Windows" distribution for win32,
supporting glade and rsvg.
2007.08.17 [Jacques]
* some more patch by Julien Moutinho (style and Rc).
* do not set LC_NUMERIC to C (ocaml is now ok) (Volker Grabsch).
* avoid some warnings in ml_gdkpixbuf and ml_glib.
2007.08.09 [Benjamin]
* GtkImage : clear support
2007.08.08 [Benjamin]
* Fix typo in property "wrap-license" (was "wrap-licence") of GtkAboutDialog
* Add GtkFileChooser "do-confirm-overwrite" property support and
"confirm-overwrite" signal
* GWindow "urgency-hint" property support
2007.08.07 [Benjamin]
* Add Glib.usleep
* Add Stock icons for Gtk 2.10 and 2.8
* Add has_selection and cursor_position properties in GText.buffer
2007.08.06 [Benjamin]
* Add support for GtkAssistant of Gtk 2.10
2007.06.18 [Jacques]
* merge patches by Julien Moutinho for GdkDisplay
and gtk_tree_view_get_cell_area.
2007.06.08 [Benjamin]
* Add support for gtk_link_button
2007.06.07 [Benjamin]
* gtksourceview support
2007.05.27 [Benjamin]
* fixed bug in GWindow.about_dialog whose callbacks raised an uncaught
The default Close button now responds `CANCEL and not `CLOSE.
2006.11.19 [Olivier]
* add some missing properties in GtkIconView (in module GTree) (2.6)
* add some missing properties in GtkButton (2.4, 2.6)
2006.11.03 [Olivier]
* move GtkSocket code from ml_gtkbin.c to ml_gtk.c since it is
wrapped in GWindow.
2006.10.27 [Jacques]
* add Gdk.Cursor.get_image
* remove Gdk.Cursor.destroy (could be dangerous)
* add new methods to GData.clipboard (partly from SooHyoung Oh)
2006.10.13 [Jacques]
* add GDraw.drawable#colormap,gc,set_gc
2006.09.15 [Olivier]
* wrap GtkMenuToolButton (2.6)
In lablgtk2-20060908:
2006.08.08 [RobertR]
* export copy_memblock_indirected and ml_lookup_flags_getter for Windows
2006.07.06 [Jacques]
* make ABSVALUE=1 to use a custom mlvalues.h where value is abstract
2006.05.13 [Jacques]
* delay finalization functions when they may trigger a callback
2006.02.03 [Jacques]
* add GLayout#bin_window
2005.12.19 [Jacques]
* lablgladecc : apply Keita Yamaguchi's patch
2005.12.02 [Benjalin]
* lablgladecc : support for GtkAboutDialog
2005.11.10 [Olivier]
* wrap gtk_tree_view_expand_to_path (2.2)
2005.11.03 [Benjamin]
* lablgladecc : emit w#toplevel#misc#show_all instead of
w#toplevel#show in check_all, because some toplevel widgets
(gMenu for example) do not have a show method
2005.10.28 [Jacques]
* add windows support for rsvg
In lablgtk2-20051027 (2.6.0):
2005.10.25 [Jacques]
* fix GtkThread.sync (Robert Schneck-McConnell)
2005.10.17 [Jacques]
* new recompilation approach for Windows
2005.10.03 [Olivier]
* fix refcounting of pixbufs in GdkPixbuf
2005.09.24 [Olivier]
* wrap gdk_cursor_new_from_pixbuf
2005.08.25 [Olivier]
* gtk_about_dialog_set_{url,email}_hook are not methods : fix the
external type declaration and remove from the GWindow.about_dialog class.
2005.08.18 [Olivier]
* add special sort_column_id values in GTree to select default sort
function or disable sorting
* add a couple of utility functions in Glib :
- getenv, setenv, unsetenv (2.4)
- get_user_data_dir, etc. (2.6)
* change the generated code of gdk-pixbuf-mlsource a bit.
In lablgtk2-20050701:
2005.06.30 [Jacques]
* export same symbols under unix and windows
In lablgtk2-20050613:
2005.06.13 [Jacques]
* define GText.buffer_skel and GText.view_skel
2005.06.02 [Jacques]
* export all macro-generated functions (robertr)
* change --rpath to -rpath (better done in ocamlmklib?)
2005.05.03 [Olivier]
* wrap GdkPixbuf.get_file_info (2.4)
* support serialization and deserialization of GdkPixbuf.pixbuf values
* add a gdk-pixbuf-mlsource tool to help compiling images into programs.
2005.03.20 [Jacques]
* add Gobject.Data.wrap to create new conversions
2005.03.07 [Olivier]
* add GEdit.entry#xalign property (2.4)
* make configure fail if GTK+ cannot be found
In lablgtk2-20050218:
2005.02.18 [Jacques]
* add GObj.event_signals#scroll and other missing wevents (Hendrik Tews)
2005.02.17 [Jacques]
* allow using vmthreads
2005.02.07 [Olivier]
* GTree.Path.is_prev now returns bool (T. Kurt Bond)
2005.01.08 [Olivier]
* add a use_markup optional argument to GEdit.combo_box_text.
2005.01.04 [Olivier] (2.6)
* new stock items
* add PangoEllipsizeMode for PangoLayout
* new GtkLabel properties
* new GtkProgressbar::ellipsize property
* new GtkTreeView properties and separator rows
2005.01.02 [Olivier]
* 2.6 improvements to GtkComboBox (separators and a couple of new
2004.12.05 [Olivier]
* add GtkFileChooserButton (2.6)
2004.12.04 [Jacques]
* fix constraint in GUtil.memo
2004.12.02 [Olivier]
* add GtkAboutDialog (2.6)
2004.12.02 [Jacques]
* fix Michael Furr's bug reports
2004.11.24 [Olivier]
* add GMisc.statusbar#has_resize_grip and #set_has_resize_grip
GMisc.statusbar now inherits from
* add GtkIconView (2.6)
2004.11.22 [Olivier]
* add GtkCellRendererCombo (2.6)
* add GtkCellRendererProgress (2.6)
In lablgtk2-20041119:
2004.11.17 [Jacques]
* fix make depend
* cleanup
2004.11.15 [Olivier]
* add max-position and min-position in GPack.paned (2.4)
* add GtkSpell interface (
2004.11.10 [Olivier]
* add GPack.paned#position
* allow multiple conditions per watch in Glib.Io.add_watch
2004.10.24 [Olivier]
* add a .mli for GnoDruid, reorganize a bit
* add the single-paragraph-mode property in GtkCellRendererText
2004.10.05 [Jacques]
* revise Timeout.add and Idle.add for compatibility
(optional arguments must be followed by a non-labeled argument)
2004.10.02 [Jacques]
* 2.2 compatibility fixes (G_STRFUNC only defined in 2.4)
2004.09.21 [Olivier]
* add optional priority argument for timeouts and idle callbacks in Glib
* get rid of the print handler in Glib.Message (it's not used by libraries)
* get rid of the Glib.Critical exception (callbacks should never raise exceptions)
* add Glib.Message.log and a couple other functions related to logging
* generally prevent exceptions from escaping callbacks
2004.09.18 [Jacques]
* revert to using `OTHER in Gobject.data_kind
2004.09.17 [Olivier]
* more unicode fixes, add a Utf8.to_unichar_validated function
2004.09.17 [Jacques]
* Gobject.Data.boxed parameterized by the real type, to be able to
create tree store columns from it. Gobject.fundamental_type
modified accordingly.
2004.09.15 [Olivier]
* add GText.buffer#select_range
2004.09.14 [Olivier]
* add a few unicode-related functions
2004.09.08 [Olivier]
* add GAction.ui_manager#add_ui
* have #get_widget and #get_action raise Not_found instead of
2004.09.03 [Olivier]
* in GAction.action_group, do not merge #add_action and
#add_action_with_accel in a single method because they have
different behaviour. Fixes a bug where stock items accelerators
were not connected.
* add the padding properties of GBin.alignment (2.4)
2004.08.27 [Olivier]
* add GTree.cell_layout#reorder and GTree.cell_layout#set_cell_data_func
* add a couple of utility functions in Glib
* decimate ml_gtkmisc.c, add a couple of things to GtkCalendar and GtkLabel
2004.08.24 [Olivier]
* add GWindow.message_dialog#set_markup (2.4)
* add override of default signal handlers
(GtkSignal.override_class_closure, GtkSignal.chain_from_overridden)
2004.08.23 [Olivier]
* wrap some 2.4 additions in GdkPixbuf (from_file_at_size,
save_to_buffer). Add some Ocamldoc comments.
* add 2.4 stock items in GtkStock
2004.08.20 [Jacques]
* fix GdkPixbuf.render_to_drawable
* support gtk-2.0.1
* add examples/GL/ with texture from pixbuf
2004.08.19 [Olivier]
* add 'active' property of ComboBox as a constructor parameter.
* qualify conversion tables as 'const' (so they end up in read-only
* add some ocamldoc comments
2004.08.11 [Olivier]
* have GAction.ui_manager#add_ui_from_string raise an exception in
case of error.
* add Glib.Markup.Error exception.
* avoid memory leaks in Glib.Convert.
* remove some dead code (GtkPreview).
In lablgtk2-20040716 (2.4.0):
2004.07.16 [Jacques]
* add GLib.Io.remove and, works under windows too
2004.07.09 [Olivier]
* Rewrite Xml_lexer so that it is more conformant.
2004.07.08 [Olivier]
* fix the support of SVGZ files for older versions of librsvg where
the header is not always present.
2004.07.05 [Olivier]
* add ocamldoc comments for some optional parameters.
* add some optional parameters to the GtkFileFilter constructor.
2004.06.28 [Olivier]
* support SVGZ files in Rsvg, fix for render_from_file on Win32, fix
memory leak.
2004.06.22 [Olivier]
* extend GtkComboBox convenience API to GtkComboBoxEntry.
2004.06.15 [Olivier]
* fix the ocamldoc generator for ocaml 3.08
* silence some GCC 3.4 warnings
2004.06.10 [Olivier]
* add #event method for GtkComboBox (and descendants), and
2004.06.06 [Olivier]
* changed methods returning a char* or NULL in GFile: now they
return string option instead of converting NULL into "".
2004.06.02 [Olivier]
* add some properties for the GnomeCanvasText item, introduce a
GnoCanvas.text class with getters for text height and width
* relax type constraint in GUtil.memo so that it can work for
non-widget gobjects
* add Glib.Markup.escape_text (useful for dealing with pango markup)
2004.06.01 [Olivier]
* export a couple of properties in GButton.button_skel
2004.05.09 [Olivier]
* extended toolbar API (2.4)
* update GtkAction* widgets to the final API
2004.04.04 [Olivier]
* re-implement Gobject.Data.caml (correctly this time)
2004.03.26 [Olivier]
* Add a common supertype for canvas items: GnoCanvas.base_item.
* Improve the signatures of canvas, group and item classes in
GnoCanvas (no more low-level Gtk.obj)
2004.03.23 [Olivier]
* generic handling of GError on the C side
* added exception Glib.Convert.Error
In lablgtk2-20040319:
2004.03.18 [Jacques]
* move GTree.tree to GBroken.tree (really broken in 2.4?)
* add GBroken.text
* add GContainer#all_children
* add GUtil.print_widget
2004.03.17 [Olivier]
* add GFile.filter#add_custom
* add special methods for adding open/save button in
2004.03.15 [Jacques]
* allow destroying pixmaps manually
* update GdkPixbuf support
* PangoLayout corrections (incompatible with previous snapshot)
2004.03.10 [Olivier]
* update several 2.4 widgets to the latest API (ComboBox, TreeView,
* add a convenience function GTree.store_of_list
* change the type of #iter_n_children and #iter_children in GTree.model
2004.03.05 [Olivier]
* gtk_dialog->action_area is a GtkHButtonBox
* add gtk_button_box_{set,get}_child_secondary (2.4)
* misc. additions and cleanups in and GPack.button_box
In lablgtk2-20040304:
2004.03.04 [Jacques]
* fix dependencies in src/Makefile
* fix #layout in GDraw.{drawable,pixmap}
* fix typing problems in 3.06 and 3.07+14
2004.03.01 [Jacques]
* add Pango.Layout and GDraw.drawable#layout
2004.02.29 [Olivier]
* add Gobject.Data.caml to store caml values in GtkTreeModels.
* add signal emitting gtk_tree_model_row_changed
2004.02.15 [Olivier]
* change type of gdk_drag_status: argument is drag_action option
instead of drag_action list
2004.01.27 [Jacques]
* add GWindow.dialog_any (for glade)
* restructure dialog code
2004.01.21 [Olivier]
* GtkColorButton and GtkFontButton (2.4)
2004.01.15 [Olivier]
* add gtk_tree_view_column_set_cell_data_func
* log error messages if ml_gtktree callbacks raise exceptions
* fix the types of some callbacks in GtkTreeSortable
and GtkTreeModelFilter
In lablgtk2-20040113:
2004.01.13 [Jacques]
* revert to GWindow.window_skel/window
* prepare snapshot
2004.01.08 [Olivier]
* GtkTreeModel{Sort,Filter} fixes
* added some missing GtkTreeModel methods
(get_iter_first, iter_has_child, iter_n_children, flags, foreach)
* in wrappers, added a function for converting a C flags value into
a variant list (the reverse of the Make_Flags_val macro)
2004.01.04 [Olivier]
* support for GtkEntryCompletion (2.4)
2003.12.21 [Olivier]
* add event-after signal for widgets
2003.12.20 [Olivier]
* make the comparison function use gtk_tree_path_compare
for Gtk.tree_path values.
2003.12.19 [Olivier]
* added support for GtkTreeSortable, GtkTreeModelSort
and GtkTreeModelFilter (2.4)
* fixes for GtkComboBox
* GTree.view_column inherit from GTree.cell_layout,
add a few methods to GTree.view_column
2003.12.17 [Jacques]
* some additions/improvements to lablgladecc
2003.12.13 [Olivier]
* More GTK 2.4 support:
Action-based menus and toolbars
* added GtkData.AccelGroup.parse
2003.12.10 [Olivier]
* support for GTK 2.4 widgets:
GtkComboBox, GtkExpander, GtkFileChooser
2003.11.30 [Olivier]
* move event method of GRange.scrollbar in GRange.range (GtkScale
widgets also receive events), removed GRange.scrollbar class
* added event method in GTree.view, GRange.ruler
2003.10.30 [Jacques]
* add GWindow.file_selection#dir_list (Francois Pessaux)
* move GBin.socket to GWindow.socket (this wasn't a bin)
* add GWindow.plug_signals
2003.10.28 [Olivier]
* make Panel.applet inherit GContainer.bin;
remove the unit arg for getters
2003.10.20 [Jacques]
* add bin class for #child
2003.10.13 [Olivier]
* autoconf support for lablGL location
2003.10.09 [Olivier]
* wrap GtkButton label property in button_skel
In lablgtk-2.2.0:
2003.10.10 [Jacques]
* merge Makefile.nt into Makefile, check for msvc
2003.10.09 [Benjamin]
* doc: correct GtkAjustement link to the right Gtk doc
* doc: fix Makefile for doc (use of OCAML instead of CAMLC and mkdir ../doc/html)
2003.10.07 [Jacques]
* add Gpointer.{peek,poke}_nativeint
2003.09.27 [Olivier]
* remove `NONE response in dialogs
* improved ocamldoc documentation
(custom generator with links to
GTK+ API reference)
2003.09.22 [Jacques] (request F.Pottier)
* add window#maximize/fulscreen/stick
* add GTree.row_reference and GTree.Path
2003.09.17 [Olivier]
* GNOME libpanelapplet support. Now we can write panel applets in caml.
2003.09.11 [Olivier]
* configure script prints a summary of the libraries that will be built.
* in the output of pkg-config, filter out the options that
ocamlmklib doesn't like.
2003.08.28 [Benjamin]
* mnemonic support for all kind of menus. Defaults to true in factory.
2003.08.18 [Olivier]
* wrap GtkNotebook::switch_page instead of change_current_page
2003.08.15 [Jacques]
* split gtk.props in small pieces, to allow more generation
2003.08.06 [Olivier]
* in GWindow: color_selection_dialog, file_selection and
font_selection_dialog now inherit from GWindow.dialog
2003.08.05 [Olivier]
* Added some libgnomeui bindings (Druids)
* some new things in Gdkpixbuf :
save, fill, subpixbuf, saturate_and_pixelate
gdkpixbuf-specific errors
2003.07.18 [Benjamin]
* New Glib.Unichar module
2003.07.17 [Benjamin]
* Fix Win32 compilation
2003.07.09 [Jun Furuse]
Improvements of lablgladecc:
* Internal widgets are now also accessible by instance variables.
The user can use simply widget names inside sub-class definitions,
instead writing self#widget_name.
* A flag -hide-default hides all the widget with default names
come from glade, like label123.
* Added check_all function to the output so that one can check
all the widgets really exist.
* reparent method is added to facilitate to embed one glade toplevel
widget into a container.
2003.07.09 [Jacques]
* ?width and ?height in GWindow back to setting size_request
(default size did not work properly)
* backward compatibility: GMisc.label has two exclusive parameters,
?text and ?markup (and no ?use_markup).
2003.07.07 [Benjamin]
* Fixed confusion between text/label in a Label. Now GMisc.label expects
~label instead of ~text. This is consistant with the semantic of text and
label properties (label may contain pango makups/text never do)
In lablgtk2-20030707:
2003.07.05 [Jacques]
* #misc#set_geometry renamed in #misc#set_size_request
* ?width and ?height in GWindow set default size rather than size request
2003.07.02 [Jacques]
* fix configure (split PKG_CHECK_MODULES for GTK and GTKALL)
* fix name of gtk_gl_area_swap_buffers
2003.06.24 [Benjamin]
* Fix deps in Makefile
* Fix generation of an incorrect lablgtk2 when debug is enabled
* Fix Gtk 2.0 compatibility
2003.06.24 [Jacques]
* finish going to generation, add missing signals
* wrap clipboard and cell renderers
* add GMain.init to avoid "open GMain"
2003.06.23 [Jacques]
* Lots of changes: generate signals and externals too.
2003.06.19 [Jacques]
* Add GData.clipboard.
* Properties for GtkCellRenderer.
* Towards canvas properties.
2003.06.18 [Jacques]
* Massive change: generate properties automatically.
Probable incompatibilities: inform immediately.
2003.06.17 [Benjamin]
* Fix Gtk 2.0 compatibility
2003.06.16 [Benjamin]
* Fix dependencies in Makefile. Now make -j works.
* Add "world" target in Makefile.
2003.06.15 [Jacques]
* Starting automatic generation of code. Should reduce need to write
wrappers and externals manually.
2003.06.13 [Benjamin]
* Experimental g_type_register_static: not to be used at this time
2003.06.11 [Jacques]
* changes in object properties (GtkBase.Tables, ...)
* add check_externals utility, fix some bugs
* additions in
2003.06.10 [Jacques]
* changes in object properties (,
2003.06.06 [Jacques]
* new #misc#get_flag to get misc widget info
* font_desc handling in Pango
2003.06.04 [Jacques]
* GtkDialog cleanup
* add applications/osiris (just started)
2003.05.29 [Jacques]
* fixed GtkTree.TreeView.Properties.model
* fixed ml_gobject.{get,set}_value to assume interfaces are objects
2003.05.26 [Jun Furuse]
* msvc port is done!
2003.05.24 [Jun Furuse]
* added Window.get_visual
2003.05.23 [Benjamin]
* fixed incorrect type of trreview#connect#row_activated
2003.05.21 [Jun Furuse]
* fixed a problem of SpinButton.get_value_as_int for the case of
the value is minus' src/
2003.05.14 [Benjamin]
* Glib.Convert convert_with_fallback support
2003.05.12 [Benjamin]
* GtkData.AccelMap support
* GtkImageMenuItem support
* MenuFactory accel_map support by default
* GtkStock.Item.lookup support
2003.05.01 [Maxence]
* srcdoc target added to generate HTML doc in src/doc/index.html
(I did not test on Windows)
In lablgtk2-20030423:
2003.04.22 [Jacques]
* GtkThread.thread_main automatically switches to gui thread.
2003.04.21 [Benjamin]
* GRange.progress_bar updated. Old functions deprecated.
2003.04.12 [Olivier]
* add GWindow.message_dialog, add methods in GWindow.dialog
2003.04.11 [Jun]
* add GtkWindow.Window.resize and its C interface
2003.04.08 [Jacques]
* lots of change in GtkTree*, add examples/
2003.04.02 [Jacques]
* finish? GtkTreeView
In lablgtk2-20030326:
2003.03.20 [Olivier]
* add stocks and mnemonics for buttons
* add icon factories
2003.03.19 [Jacques]
* more property support (phantom type like for signals)
2003.03.18 [Jacques]
* lots of GtkTree* additions
* small changes in ml_glibc,
2003.03.17 [Benjamin]
* Restore Variant and stretch properties in GtkText
* GTK 2.0 fixes in GtkTree
2003.03.16 [Olivier]
* GnomeCanvas: avoid duplicate properties type declaration
* changes in Gobject.Property and Gobject.Value.set
(use set_boxed in ml_gobject.c for automatic copying)
* adapt text and gnome-canvas (no need to build g_values)
In lablgtk2-beta:
* libgnomecanvas support [Olivier]
* prepare for release, and fix makefiles [Jacques]
* Add Idle support
2003.02.26 [Benjamin]
* Use mnemonics by default in factories
2003.02.25 [Benjamin]
* GMenu new methods
* Support for mnemonic in labels.
* First patch to correct alloca problem in insert_text*
* copy_block_indirected allocates in old generation
* disable compaction in
* copy young strings to the stack when needed
* free lists obtained from Gtk
* replace alloc_final by alloc_custom (wrapper.h)
* better gtk-2.0 support (ml_gdk.c)
* Support for GTK 2.0 and librsvg 2.0 compilation (O. Andrieu) [Benjamin]
In lablgtk2-20030221:
* add GObj.misc_ops#set_size_chars
* applications/browser only works with CVS version of ocaml
* bug fixes
* additions to Pango [Jacques]
* added set_stock to GMisc.image
* In GMisc.label_skel :
added : #set_markup #set_markup_with_mnemonic #label
changed : semantic of #text (returns text with markups and mnemonics)
old semantic available with #label.
* In GText.iter : add #language
* GdkDrawable is also a GObject
* split GText.iter/nocopy_iter (Benjamin)
* finish split (Jacques)
* Added librsvg support (contributed by Olivier Andrieu)
* Ported applications/browser
* GText.iter#forward/backward return self
* Starting to add GtkTreeView. See
* API changes and bug fixes in GText (Jacques)
* API changes in GText (Jacques)
* Many bug fix in GText (Benjamin)
In lablgtk2-20030210:
* merge trunk
* Add gtkgl-2.0 and libglade-2.0 support
* Support for interaction between GtkTextBuffer and GtkClipboard. (Benjamin)
* Support for search functions in GtkTextIter. (Benjamin)
* fix memory management in ml_gdk.h
* GObject and GtkObject are different! fix
* added GtkAccelGroup and GtkClipboard support (Jacques)
* suppress Gdk.Tags.selection (use Gdk.Atom.primary/secondary/clipboard)
* time is 32-bit! (Benjamin)
In lablgtk2-alpha:
* lots of changes to adapt to gtk2
* callback handling and property support completely rewritten
* many API changes
* new text widget interfaced by Benjamin Monate
* Gtk2 automatically calls setlocale in gtk_init, but we
revert LC_NUMERIC to C immediately after
In trunk:
* fix Glib.IO (Henri Dubois-Ferriere)
* GtkThread.main switches GtkMain.Main.main to call GtkThread.thread_main
* added GList.clist#get_row_state and GWindow.file_selection#file_list
(by Francois Pessaux)
* added META (by Stefano Zacchiroli)
* fixed applications/camlirc (Tim Freeman)
* add gdk_property_*
* fix GdkPixbuf.create_pixmap
* add GdkEventClient (requested by Didier le Botlan)
* add Gdk.Window.get_pointer_location (Tim Freeman)
In lablgtk-1.2.5:
* add GWindow.toplevel (Tim Freeman report)
* Makefile and tictactoe patches (Tim Freeman)
* add GtkThread.sync and GtkThread.async to post calls to GTK from
different threads on windows (GTK/win32 is not reentrant)
In lablgtk-1.2.4:
* add dll support to windows port
* install dlls to stublibs directory
* add g_io_add_watch support in GMain.Io (requested by Maxence)
* add rpm spec (Ben Martin)
* add GdkPixbuf support
* add all color settings in GtkData.Style/
(requested by N. Raynaud)
* add GMain.Rc
* add Gpointer.region, to handle bigarray/string/Raw.t in an uniform way
* add Gdk.Rgb.draw_image (requested by F. Dellaert)
* change typing of GtkSignal.t
* move GtkData.Selection to GtkBase.Selection
* add actual selection handling
* add Gdk.Atom
* added button#set_relief, paned#pack1/pack2/set_position,
Gdk.Window.set_cursor (requested by malc)
* add GtkPreview support (by Lauri Alanko)
* add applications/camlirc (by Noabuaki Yoshida)
* correct ml_gtk_spin_button_set_update_policy
* update Makefile for gtkxmhtml
In lablgtk-1.2.3:
* add GToolbox utility module (contributed by Maxence Guesdon)
* add Adjustment.set_bounds (Alan Schmitt)
* add parameters to handle_box and color_selection (Maxence Guesdon)
* adapt to ocaml 3.03a+2 dlls.
In lablgtk-1.2.2:
* GList.clist returns a monomorphic "string clist",
use GList.clist_poly for a polymorphic clist.
* add Gdk.Window.get_colormap
* change APIs in Gdk.Pixmap/Bitmap and GDraw.create_pixmap*
(window parameter is not strictly necessary)
* improve dll-ization
* add patch for unison-2.7.1
* merge strict labels
* attempt dll-ization
In lablgtk-1.2.1:
* change ?nolocale to ?setlocale, defaulting to false.
Setting the locale must be required explicitly, by setting
the environment variable GTK_SETLOCALE for instance
* release version 1.2.1
* add signals to GList.liste
* add ?nolocale parameter to Main.init (cf. ocaml PR#275)
* remove Main.flush (enough to have it as Gdk.X.flush)
* include [main] and [quit] in GMain, so you can now write GMain.main
rather than GMain.Main.main
* move glade examples to examples/glade
* add -trace flag to lablgladecc, to trace handler calls
* add GRange.ruler
* improve lablgladecc, support all widgets
* add -root and -embed flags to lablgladecc
* add lablgladecc, a libglade wrapper compiler
* clipping patch by Michael Welsh
* support GTK 1.2.3
* released 1.2.0
* merged in variance annotations
* added gears example by Eric Cooper
In lablgtk-1.2.0:
* add extractors to Gdk.Image
* slight API change in GDraw.drawing#put_{image,pixmap}
* add size-allocate signal
* changed directory structure: sources moved to src/
* updated Makefile.nt, made Win32 port work with gtk-1.3 of 2000-12-26
* remove gutter_size in GtkPack.Paned, since it disappeared in 1.3
* relax some types in Gdk.Window, to allow all drawables
* support for (dangerous?) callbacks in libglade
* added preliminary support for libglade
* add Filesection.complete (Sven Luther's patch)
* merge wakita's patch for gdk_draw_pixmap
rename GDraw.drawable#image/pixmap to #put_image/put_pixma
* remove unison port, since unison already works with this snapshot
* internal change: switch from var2def/var2conv to varcc,
and split ml_gtk.c in smaller files
* bugs in color selection reported by Nicolas George
* changed the license
* correct GtkStyle.set_font bug reported by Patrick Doane
* changed GUtil.signal and GUtil.variable for better usability
* suppressed obsolete color settings in tooltips
* patch by Michael Welsh for Gdk regions
* add CList.set_cell_style/set_row_style
* change set_usize/set_uposition into set_geometry
* return an option rather than raise an exception for null pointers
* map empty strings to NULL when meaningful
* Gdk.Font.get_type/ascent/descent
* add GDraw.optcolor for functions with a default (Jerome suggested)
* apply Jerome Vouillon's patch
* changes in GtkSignal and
* create #misc#connect for widget generic signals
* move notebook from GMisc to GPack
* #connect#event, #add_event, #misc#event, #misc#set_events_extension
transferred to #event su-bobject.
* #connect#drag -> #drag#connect.
* #get_type, #connect#disconnect, #connect#stop_emit transferred to #misc.
* split into and
* add GMisc.notebook#get_{tab,menu}_label. Rename nth_page to get_nth_page.
* modified ML signals in GUtil, to allow signals without widget.
* Incompatible!: Change default for ~expand in Box.pack,
Pack.build_options, Table.build_options. Now defaults to false/`NONE.
This means that all options default to false/`NONE, except ~show
(true for all widgets except windows) and ~fill (always true but
effect controlled by ~expand).
* add GtkArgv.get_nativeint and GtkArgv.set_nativeint.
* make offset and length optional in GtkArgv.string_at_pointer.
* rename GtkFrame to GtkBin and GFrame to GBin
* move socket to GBin
* add arrow and image classes to GMisc
* add list and set_item_string methods to GEdit.combo
* add socket and plug classes to GContainer and GWindow
* two new examples: and
* add GUtil.variable
* add GtkXmHTML widget
In lablgtk-1.00:
* merge in changes for ocaml 3.00: label and syntax changes, autolink
* added better visual and colormap handling to Gdk
* GdkObj renamed to GDraw, GtkPixmap moved to GMisc
* Initialize Gtk in gtkInit.cmo/cmx, start a thread in gtkInitThread.cmo.
These are only included in toplevels, link them explicitely or call
GMain.Main.init and GtkThread.start otherwise.
* install to caml standard library
* many other forgotten changes...
* move locale setting inside GtkMain.init, since it requires an
X display
* add checks in add methods, to avoid critical errors
* add (submitted by Ken Wakita) and
* correct bug in GdkObj.pixmap#line
* release lablGTK beta2
* upgraded unison to version 1.169
* radio groups are of type {radio_menu_item,radio_button} obj option,
otherwise you could not use them several times
* added GtkEdit::{insert_text,delete_text} signals
* better syntax highlighting and ergonomy in the browser's shell
* switched to Objective Caml 3
* constructors are no longer classes, but simple functions
* changed GtkArgv.get_{string,pointer,object} to return option types
* added radtest/CHANGES for cooperative editing on radtest
* added a UI for unison
(ask about how to get unison)
* corrected CList signals
* moved initialization out of the library, in gtkInit.cmo
* release lablGTK beta1
* improved (no timer)
* modify Sys.argv in place (
* add set_row_data and get_row_data for GtkCList
* bugfixes in Makefile, radtest and lv
* added Gdk.X.flush and Gdk.X.beep
* Gdk.X.flush is exported in GtkMain.Main
* added font selection dialog
* re-added connect#draw
* reduced the number of methods in widget
* moved disconnect and stop_emit to object_signals
* moved ?:after to each signal
* more functions in applications/browser
* Major change: created one set_param method by parameter,
rather than grouping them and using options.
You can get previous versions with tag "changing_set"
* corrected examples, radtest and browser for these changes
* a bit of clean-up in radtest ( and Makefile)
* corrected a bad bug with indirected pointers in caml heap
* add GdkKeysyms for exotic keysyms
* moved Truecolor inside Gdk
* added COPYING
* prepared for release
* clean up drag-and-drop
* corrected bug in Container.children
* added ML signal support in GUtil
* added DnD, improved radtest (Hubert)
* small corrections (Jacques)
* added some gdk functions related window and ximage
* also added applications/lv, "labl image viewer" with
the camlimage library.
* added applications/lablglade (Koji)
* added applications/radtest (Hubert)
* improved variant conversions for space.
* updated olabl.patch. With this new version you can access fields
of records without opening modules. You can also use several times
the same label in one module.
* examples/GL/ uses it.
* moved event functions to GdkEvent
* new example: (Hubert)
* added GL extension
* grouped set methods into set_<keyword>
* added width and height option to all classes
* windows not shown are automatically destroyed by the GC
* added GPack.layout, GPack.packer, GPack.paned, GMisc.notebook,
GRange.scale, GMisc.calendar
* added 3 examples
* #add_events only available on windowed widgets
* added CList widget in GList module, and examples/
* improved pixmap abstraction in GdkObj / GPix
* suppressed almost all raw pointers from the code. Pointers are now
either boxed (second field of an abstract block) or marked (lowest
bit set to 1).
* added GtkBase.Object.get_id and GObj.gtkobj#get_id to get an
unique identifier to gtk objects. Nice for hash-tables, etc...
* GUtil.memo is such an hash-table, allowing you to recover an
object's wrapper.
* added a show option to all classes, commanding whether the widget
should be shown immediately. It is by default true on all widgets
except in module GWindow.
* moved non-OO examples to examples/old. Do "cvs update -d old" to
get them.
* changes in Gdk/GtkData/GObj about styles.
* updated olabl.patch
* split into gtk*.ml
* grouped Container focus operations in a "focus" subwidget
* slightly reorganized widget grouping
* disabled gtk_caller
* subtle hack to have GTree get the right interface
* switched completely to the new widget scheme (including examples)
* added olabl.patch to apply to olabl-2.02 to compile new sources
* integrated changes from Hubert in Gtk, GtkObj and
* added G* modules to replace GtkObj. "make lablgtk2" for it
* added experimental GtkMenu for a cleaner approach to OO (Jacques)
* GtkObj: list, tree and menu_shell inherit from item_container (Jacques)
* Argv.get_{string,pointer,object} may raise Null_pointer (Jacques)
* Support for creating new widgets (Hubert)
* a few stylistic corrections
* added Packer in
* new Gtk.Main.main Gtk.Main.quit and GtkThread.main (for modal windows)
* added x: and y: to Window.setter
* new methods: object#get_type widget#misc#lock_accelerators
widget#misc#visible widget#misc#parent container#set_focus#vadjustment
container#set_focus#hadjustment (could be container#set_focus#adjustment with a dir param)
window#set_modal window#set_position window#set_default_size
* new classes: handle_box_skel handle_box_signals handle_box
bbox color_selection color_selection_dialog toolbar
and the corresponding modules in
new class type: is_window and method as_window
* new param tearoff: in new_menu_item
new param x: and y: modal: in Window.setter
* Widget.event and Widget.activate return bool
* new example: examples/ and test.xpm
* upgraded to gtk+-1.2.3 (all examples work)
* suppressed deprecated function calls and corrected examples
* added a patch to use toplevel threads in olabl-2.02
* upgraded to olabl-2.01
* replicated Main, Timeout and Grab to GtkObj (no need to open Gtk anymore)
* moved some non standard classes to GtkExt
* added the first application, xxaplay, Playstation audio track
player for linux. (How architecture specific!) (Furuse)
* more widgets in GtkObj
* refined memory management
* all variants in upper case
* after deeper thought, re-introduced the connect sub-object
* simplified GtkObj: use simple inheritance and allow easy subtyping
* updated olabl.diffs for bugs in class functions parsing and printing
* add ThreadObj for concurrent object programming
* is now a reversi game (idea for strategy ?)
* solved startup bug (a value checker for ocaml is now available)
* added GdkObj for high level drawing primitives (Jacques)
* removed cast checking for NULL valued widgets (ml_gtk.[ch])
* module Arg is renamed as GtkArg because of the name corrision with
the module Arg in the standard library
* Makefile : native code compilation added
* renamed widget_ops sub-object to misc
* various improvements of set functions
* switched to object-oriented model. GtkObj is now the standard way
to access the library, but not all objects are ready (see README)
* removed inheritance in
* added inheritance in
* added and examples/*
* various modifications in