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Welcome to Bangazon


E-commerce Site

This a a client facing Bangazon e-commerce website. After registering users can browse through products other users have posted. They can also add items of their own to sell. Items can be view by category, or searched by keyword.

Technologies Used

Development Languages and Libraries

Development Tools


To see a visual walkthrough of main features navigate to the bottom of this readme or:

Instructions for Installing Bangazon

You will need to have command line tools installed for your computer to use terminal commands.

  • Mac users - Open your terminal and type

    git --version
  • Linux/Windows users, please vist the Git page and follow the instructions for setup

You will now need to configure your git account. In the terminal window, type

git config –global “You Name”
git config –global “Your Email”

Create a new directory to store the files in. Type this into your terminal window.

mkdir Bangazon
cd Bangazon
git clone

If you do not have Python version 3 installed on your machine, visit the Python Download Page or to install with command line,

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install python

Now you need to install all dependencies. We recommend using a virtual environment to prevent these from being installed globally.

First install virtualenv and create and enter a virtual environment, in the containing "Bangazon" folder:

pip install --user virtualenv
virtualenv myenv
source myenv/bin/activate

To install dependencies navigate to the cloned repository which contains a 'requirements.txt' file then run pip install requirements.txt

cd Bangazon-sprint-2
pip install -r requirements.txt

Create and seed the database by changing the permissions on this shell script and executing it with the following commands:

chmod +x
./ website

You can now run the program by typing(You must be in the directory that contains the '' file):

python runserver 8080

navigate to localhost:8080 to access the website

Congratulations! You are now experiencing Bangazon!

Entity Relationship Diagrams

Visual Feature List

Here is a visualization of the primary features and behaviors of the application to get you started.

Registering a new account and browsing items

register new user gif

Adding items to your "cart"

adding items gif

Check out and complete your order with a new payment method

new training gif

Search through all products by keyword in item title or description

edit training gif

Edit your user details and view your order history.

new computer gif

Post a new item to sell on the marketplace.

new computer gif

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