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This project works with the accessibility tool from Tenon.IO using their API. You will need to register an account at the following URL to use it Register Here once registered you can test the website by sending the URL of the page or the html page source.

How to use Tenon.Test.Client.

Project will be available as a nuget package at Nuget Page.

##Create an instance of the test class:

1 - Create instance using URL:

  • TenonIO tenon = new TenonIO("APIKEY", new Uri("URL-TO-TEST"));

2 - Create instance using Page Source:

  • TenonIO tenon = new TenonIO("APIKEY", "STRING-OF-HTML-SOURCE");

##Running the test: There are two choices for the output that is generated from the accessibility test.

1 - Return output as Json string of data.

string json = tenon.ExecuteTestJson();

2 - Return output as an object.

ApiResponse response = tenon.ExecuteTest();

Optional Parameters.

To see a full list of all the optional parameters go to parameters.

To set these parameters.

tenon.SetCertainty(Certainty.Sixty); etc.

Building the Package

  • Clone this repository to your local file system
  • Open the soloution in Visual studio 2015 and build