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The purpose of this commit is to allow developers to create new player groups on the TTT Scoreboard. Previously, people had to implement hacky overrides. (Two links)
If anyone has a better method of implementing this, please comment. Specifically, I'm not sure about that Initialize hook just to modify the GROUP_COUNT variable/grab ourselves an index.
Adds two hooks:

  • TTTScoreGroup(ply)
  • TTTScoreGroups(pnl, groupstbl)
    And one function:
  • AddScoreGroup(name)

Returning a number in TTTScoreGroup will set the given player's scoregroup to that number (index in the groupstbl)

The TTTScoreGroups hook is where all of the setup happens:

  1. You must first register a ScoreGroup with AddScoreGroup(name). A global variable of is set and GROUP_COUNT is incremented automatically.
  2. Then, you create a new "TTTScoreGroup" panel and parent it to the panel passed as the first argument of the hook.
  3. Next you must call SetGroupInfo(name, color, index) on your TTTScoreGroup panel.
  4. Lastly, add an entry to the second argument (table of groups) with the key of your GROUP_ with the value of your panel.

This example is working and explains all of the features.
Example usage:

if not CLIENT then return end

-- fluff
local META_PLAYER = FindMetaTable("Player")
function META_PLAYER:IsInDeathmatch()
    return (self.Deathmatch)
hook.Add("OnPlayerChat", "TTTDeathmatch_PlayerChat", function(ply, text, isTeam, isDead)
    if text == "!deathmatch" then
        ply.Deathmatch = not ply.Deathmatch
        chat.AddText("You "..(ply.Deathmatch and "entered" or "left").." TTTDeathmatch!")
        return true
-- end fluff

hook.Add("TTTScoreGroups", "TTTDeathmatch_AddScoreGroup", function(pnl, groupstbl)
    local group = vgui.Create("TTTScoreGroup", pnl)
    group:SetGroupInfo("Deathmatch", Color(100, 200, 200), GROUP_TTTDM)
    groupstbl[GROUP_TTTDM] = group

hook.Add("TTTScoreGroup", "TTTDeathmatch_SetScoreGroup", function(ply)
    return (ply:IsInDeathmatch() and GROUP_TTTDM) or nil
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I added a function to improve the addition of groups. The description and example have been updated accordingly. The description is also better in general.

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