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update documentation for added fields/options

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1 parent f9f7203 commit bcb19d6f16ea305da240b887abb914faa22328af Garry Tan committed Nov 28, 2009
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@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ Copyright: InteRiders <> - Distributed under MIT - Keep th
- hideempty: true
- newValues: false
- allow new values to be created
+ - allowDuplicates: false
+ - checks user input against data that was already added to the selected set, and rejects user input if duplicate
- newValueDelimiters: ['[',']']
- define what values split into new entries
- spaceReplace: ''
@@ -53,10 +55,16 @@ Copyright: InteRiders <> - Distributed under MIT - Keep th
- callback that is called when a new element is added to input. Argument is an object containing caption and value members. If it's a newvalue, caption will be nil.
- onRemove: function( value ){}
- callback that is called when a element is removed from the input. Argument is the value of the element.
+ - onUserAdd: function(x){}
+ - more useful callback than onAdd -- passes back object hash with relevant info e.g. {'caption': 'zuriel barro', 'value': 'new_value[[zuriel barro]]', 'newValue': true}, and only is passed back when the user does an action (does not callback on pre-populated items)
+ - onUserRemove: function(x){}
+ - same as onUserAdd, but for removal / disposal of an item
- loadFromInput: true
- specifies whether to add any values given in the initial text input to the control. Values will be loaded against any data provide
- defaultMessage: ""
- if the control is building the autocomplete div itself, specifies the default message to use.
+ - inputMessage: null
+ - Shows an input message so that the user knows to click on the textbox to add more items. Goes away once the user gives focus.
- sortResults: false
- specifies whether autocomplete results should be sorted alphabetically by caption.
- autoDelay: 250

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