Fires frames at the UDP-based secret API of Holiday by MooresCloud
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Fires frames at the UDP-based secret API of Holiday by MooresCloud.


var Holiday = require('holiday-udp'),
    holiday = new Holiday('');

var frame = new Array[50];
// fill frame with [r, g, b] values, each 0..value..255

Lazy Usage

If you just want to see see it work:

npm install -g holiday-udp
holiday-xmas &


Holiday.send takes two arguments:

  • frame, an array of 50 RGB values to send to the Holiday
  • callback, an optional callback function passed to Socket.send

If callback isn't supplied and an error occurs (e.g. getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND), the Holiday will emit error.

WARNING: On OS X, if a setInterval timer calls send an error emitted to no subscribers should bring down Node if you've called unref, but it doesn't.


Once you've found your Holiday, try bin/thrash.js. If it works and you're into red, white, and green themed holidays at the end of the year, try bin/xmas.js. The latter has a simple animation module hiding in it, waiting to be broken out.