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Puppet module for elasticsearch on Ubuntu.

This module roughly matches the behavior of the .deb file shipped with elasticsearch version 0.19. I can't use 0.19 with the current version of logstash, however, hence this module.


  • An Ubuntu system
  • Puppet 2.7


cd /etc/puppet/modules
git clone git:// elasticsearch
cd elasticsearch
make fetch # for default 0.18.7 download


class { 'elasticsearch':
  version      => '0.18.7',
  java_package => 'openjdk-6-jre-headless',
  dbdir        => '/var/lib/elasticsearch',
  logdir       => '/var/log/elasticsearch',

All arguments are optional.


The parameters to elasticsearch aside, you can supply your own elasticsearch.yml and logging.yml files by making them available via the Puppet file server as either:

  • site-elasticsearch/${fqdn}/*.yml or
  • site-elasticsearch/*.yml.

If you don't supply them, the default content will be supplied by the module.


Smoke Testing

  • make test or make smoke to perform a simple smoke test


  • Install Vagrant

  • Get the lucid32 box (safe even if you already have it):

      vagrant box add lucid32
  • Fetch the default version of elasticsearch:

      make fetch
  • Launch the virtual machine:

      vagrant up