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Puppet module for RabbitMQ on Ubuntu.


cd /etc/puppet/modules
git clone git:// rabbitmq


include rabbitmq

The class will:

  • Import RabbitMQ's signing key from
  • Add RabbitMQ's apt source to `/etc/apt/sources.list.d'
  • Perform apt-get update
  • Install RabbitMQ


rabbitmq::vhost { 'logging':
  ensure => present,
  • ensure is optional, defaulting to present.
  • ensure => absent will remove the vhost.


rabbitmq::user { 'admin':
  ensure   => present,
  password => "818f0d57",
  user_tag => administrator,

rabbitmq::user { 'guest':
  ensure => absent,
  • ensure is optional, defaulting to present.
  • password is mandatory if ensure => present.
  • user_tag is optional, defaulting to ""; useful values are administrator, monitoring, and management.


rabbitmq::permissions { 'admin@logging':
  user  => 'admin',
  vhost => 'logging',
  conf  => '.*',
  write => '.*',
  read  => '.*',

rabbitmq::permissions { 'boris':
  ensure => absent,
  vhost => 'logging',
  • user is optional, defaulting to the $name (e.g. boris above)
  • ensure is optional, defaulting to present.
  • vhost is optional, defaulting to /.
  • ensure => absent strips all permissions on the vhost regardless of the other arguments.
  • conf, write, and read are optional, defaulting to ".*"


rabbitmq::plugin { 'rabbitmq_management':
  enable => true,

rabbitmq::plugin { 'eldap':
  enable => false,
  • ensure is optional, defaulting to present.


class { 'rabbitmq::plugins::cli': 
  ensure => present,
  • ensure is optional, defaulting to present.
  • if ensure => present, you'll get /usr/sbin/rabbitmqadmin with command auto-completion on bash.
  • rabbitmq::plugin { 'rabbitmq_management': } is also required: otherwise, you'll get the CLI but nothing to talk to.


Smoke Testing

  • make test or make smoke to perform a simple smoke test


  • Install Vagrant

  • Get the lucid32 box (safe even if you already have it):

    vagrant box add lucid32
  • Launch the virtual machine:

    vagrant up
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