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Circle plot with bundled edges
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Circle plot with bundled edges

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This package allows R users to easily create a hierarchical edge bundle plot. The underlying D3 code was adapted from Mike Bostock's examples (see here or here) and the package is based on the htmlwidgets framework.

Many thanks to timelyportfolio for some major improvements.

example graph


You can install edgebundleR from Github using the devtools package as follows:

# install.packages("devtools")

Or you can get it on CRAN:




The main function in the edgebundleR package is edgebundle(). It takes in a variety of inputs:

  • an igraph object
  • a symmetric matrix, e.g. a correlation matrix or (regularised) precision matrix
  • a JSON file structured with name and imports as the keys

The result of the edgebundle() function is a webpage that is rendered in the RStudio Viewer pane by default, but also may be exported to a self contained webpage, embedded in an Rmarkdown document or used in a Shiny web application.

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