A simple Electron app for viewing totals and searching 3D Hubs order CSV files.
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3D Hubs Order Analyzer

Electron Application adapted from the Electron Sample App that will import the invoice CSV files from your 3D Hubs account and create a simple dashboard and searchable order list.

Built to replace a manual folder creation process and Google Sheet I was maintaining previously. At this point it is a better solution than what I was using before.

  • Material / Filament Information
  • Resolution
  • Shipping Cost

Invoices Menu

Invoice List

Searchable grid with totals for filtering and sorting your orders.

  • The Order Number column links to the order record on 3D hubs if you are logged in.
  • The Files column links to a folder that is created for each order to store order files.

You know you are in sync when he number of Completed Orders in your Hub Dashboard on the 3D Hubs website is one more than the total number of entries on the Invoice List (Marvin Counts but has no invoice record).

Hub Dashboard

The hub dashboard groups orders by submit date and generates a table with monthly and annual sums for each year there are orders.

Import Invoices

Download your invoice CSV files(s) from 3D hubs. Each file you import is checked against the existing orders in the JSON file and new orders are added if they are not found.

You will have to use the reload item in the view menu after import to update the invoice list and dashboard page.

Settings Menu

System Information

Shows the User home dirctory location as well as the mocation where the application is installed.