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Team Kaedwen

  • Garth Wales - Designer/Programmer
  • Damian Soo - Artist/Designer
  • Max Edwards - Programmer/Artist
  • Spring Han - Programmer

Core concept

Villainy is a reverse tower defense game where you send units to overcome tower defenses and achieve world domination.


Set in a medieval land, with an evil wizard who summons demons.


You play as an evil villain attempting to gain control of the world!!! You will play levels that progress the map, expanding your control, and introducing new towers.

The player will click to add units to a queue, then once the play button has been pressed units will automatically walk through the path of tower defenses. Each unit does an amount of damage to the town at the end upon arrival.

There will be a limit to the amount of units the player can add so that the game doesn’t become extremely easy.

The tankier the unit the less it is worth in general. If the town loses all of its health the player wins, otherwise if not enough damage is done or all units are killed the player will have to retry.

Spells can be cast during the siege to help the minions and provides the player something to focus on while their chosen minions move automatically.

Time provided, gold will be gained after level is completed. The store will be accessible from the map menu and allows the purchase of upgrades for units as well as purchasing new units. All purchases will be refundable. This will allow some levels to require a specific unit that is worth the value of multiple units. Otherwise, the reward for completion of levels will be the progression of the campaign and unlocking the next level.

What is fun about it

Figuring out a strategy for each level, unlocking new units and light hearted dialogue between levels will create a fun experience.

What is unique about this game?

It is a play on the tower defense genre where you send units to survive tower defenses.


  • At least 4 unique units and 4 towers, 6 if possible.
  • Players enjoy thinking of strategies, with multiple possible solutions.
  • Over 8 levels which both introduce mechanics slowly and test the player.
  • No single dominant strategy


  • It will not be designed for replay-ability.
  • It is not a hardcore tower defense, it will have more casual amounts of playtime.

Feature set

  • Basic story
  • Campaign style levels including multiple tutorial levels
  • Towers and Units with unique weaknesses and strengths
  • Intuitive UI - main menu, map menu, easy to use UI to control game

Time allowing

  • Spells
  • Shop
  • Settings menu

Sample Users & Target Demographic

Our sample users will be classmates and friends to playtest our game. Tower defense style games appeal to a lot of people but we will specifically be targeting a more casual tower defense market and also those who enjoy some puzzle type games or strategy style games.

An example of a sample user:

Jacinda is the prime minister of a country. She enjoys testing her brain but doesn’t want to stress out after a long day in cabinet so plays more casual tower defense games. She finds the idea behind the game clever and spends half an hour playing before focusing on important policies.

“Sometimes I want to play as the bad guy” - Jacinda


Dave the Evil Mage wishes to take over the world to prove how evil he is. But first he must take over nearby houses and villages.


Pixel art medieval setting with demonic minions. The palette will be bright colours for the grasses and forests of the background of each level. This will contrast against darker reds or purples of your demonic units.


  • Poorly balanced gameplay making it too easy or too hard.
  • Slow gameplay making it not very exciting.
  • Too much time spent on non core features, i.e. Spells aren’t required for base gameplay, or adding too many units, shop etc.
  • Team sickness or underestimation of workload. (We will cut features early and add some rest days that will allow us some leeway.)


These are some potential avenues to prototype. We may find after completing some of them that others have already been answered.

  1. Initial prototype of 1 tower, 1 unit. Find out how much time is spent on this.
  2. Is the core gameplay (reverse tower defense) fun?
  3. Usability of UI on bottom or right
  4. Testing basic balancing. Trying a number of units to succeed or health based system
  5. Implement spells, Small spells vs a few big spells, which is more fun?
  6. Unit by unit, or send all at start. Which is more fun?
  7. Choosing paths? Makes it easy or hard to play? Fun or not?
  8. Aesthetic, pixel art style or simple drawn style?
  9. Test loading levels as scenes vs simply having all levels in one scene for loading speed.

3 Week plan

Week 3: Prototyping - the units path travelling, enemy units interaction with demon units, the effectiveness of some towers when attacking certain units, spell interactions with towers and units.

Damian will focus on creating a couple of potential art assets to finalise the aesthetic.

Garth, Spring and Max will focus on creating a series of basic prototypes. We will work on separate components of each prototype and then combine to test them.

Week 4: Implemented some basic units and tower and have the tutorial text working. Max and Spring will focus on programming the core aspects of the game. Damian will finish creation of most art assets for the game. Garth will adjust the functionality of units, design some levels and program some key features.

Functional alpha will be completed.

Week 5: Finish implementing all core gameplay elements. Potentially adding some additional elements, such as shop, if we believe we have time.

The game itself should be fully functional at this point. We will use week 6 to polish and adjust levels to work as nicely as possible.

We will utilise weekends as a buffer each week in the case of jobs taking longer. We will also drop any features that immediately pose a problem, to simply ignore them unless we have plenty of time towards the end of the project. There are a lot of potential ideas that could be implemented but we must select the best ones

Game Mechanics

Basic game logic

At the start of each level you can see the layout of the path and the enemy towers so the player can plan out their strategy by choosing specific units to use.

After the player selects their units and has filled out their queue pressing play will start the level and make the units move out one by one, at this point the player will be able to use spells on the towers or their units.

Spells will use mana, limiting the number of spell casts per level.

Game balance

The difficulty of the levels will be balanced around the number of enemy towers on the level, the diversity of the towers, and the layout of the towers. It will have many solutions to compete each level, however we hope that it might take one or two attempts before success.

Units will be balanced around how much damage they will deal, the tankier units will end up doing very little damage.

With the shop, a units balance will be determined by the price of its upgrades in the shop.

Control scheme

The game will be primarily played with mouse interacting with buttons on screen.Mouse will be used to hover over units and towers to find out their specific details. As well as for buttons to add units to queue, select and use spells and start or speedup gameplay. Spacebar will be used to quickly pause/play the game.

Tech overview


  • Demon units will have walking animations
  • Towers will have attack animations


  • Units will follow a set path on the level, this means we wouldn’t have to even implement A* pathfinding but just have a very basic node system
  • Towers will need to be able to attack their specific target unit.
    • low/high health, close/furthest away or all in an area.


  • Levels will most likely all be in separate scenes. We will test to see if this is a slow method.

Content overview


There will be eight levels that will scale in complexity and difficulty, the first four levels will be very basic and essentially be a tutorial for the player, the second four will require the player to build on the concepts learnt in the earlier levels to clear them.

The levels will be replayable but you are offered no incentive to, with the shop you will not be given more gold but you can use your upgraded units to play those levels.


Tower units:

  • Crossbow tower (base tower, slow single target attacks)
  • Repeater tower (faster base tower)
  • Wizard tower (Percentage based damage, effective against high health units)
  • Knight tower (Area of effect, slow)
  • Ice mage tower (Slows units)
  • Jailmaster tower (Removes first unit that enters its range)


  • Healing spell (area of effect, click to use)
  • Stun spell (click on a tower to disable, high mana cost)
  • Speed spell (click to speed up units in an area temporarily)

Demon units:

  • Imps (basic unit, weak but does more damage to towns)
  • Valkyries (flying unit, immune to some towers, weak to others)
  • Demon Flagbearer (shielding unit, lessens damage on units next to it)
  • Work Master (speed buffing unit, applies to closest four)
  • Demon priest (heals unit behind itself)
  • Demon turtle (high health unit, does a lot less damage to towns)

For each unit or ability we will quickly iterate through different health, damage and speed values to test for what seems the most satisfying.


  • 6 tower units, very simple shooting animations.
  • 6 demon units, walking animations.
  • 3 Spells
  • Misc background elements.
    • trees, grass, paths and towns.

Assets will be reused for all levels. The difference between levels will be the path units must take, and the variety of towers.


  • Main menu - features play and controls button. Possibly settings if we have time.
  • Map menu - appears after clicking play, has levels to pick from.
  • Levels - UI for adding units, spells etc.
  • Shop (Time permitting) - Accessed from the map menu, features units and upgrades.

Sound/Music One music track for all the levels. Possibly something different for map and main menu.


Screen layout concepts


Screen flow


Concept art


Demon turtle

Aesthetic demonstration


The style of Kingdom Rush, a popular tower defense will be the basis of our palette.