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KDB Twitter Feed
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KDB Twitter Feed

There are 3 steps needed to start the feed.

Step 1 - Edit the AUTH_DICTIONARY dictionary in to include your own user's credientials.

Step 2 - Start a q instance on port 3000 and run the update.q script. A different port can be selected, but a corresponding update in feed.q must also be made. > q update.q -p 3000 > q)

Step 3 - Start data retrieval and forwarding by running > ./

At this point, the feed should be running, and tweets should be collecting in KDB. To verify that the count of tweets is increasing, run these commands at the q prompt: > q) .z.ts:{show count tweets}; > q) \t 1000

The count of rows in the 'tweets' table should be displayed at the console, and be increasing.

To view the contents of the table: > q) 5#tweets

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