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A highly configurable frontend for databases, using PEAR::DB_DataObject

How to use this can be found on the webpage

This entire webpage is included in the repository, for you to install and run on your own server if you want to try the examples.

How to install

To install this on your own webserver, checkout the repository, point the DocumentRoot to the examples/-folder in the root of the checkout.

Then run Composer from the base of the checkout, to install required packages.

In the includes/-folder, rename the file dbpw.php-dist to dbpw.php and edit it to include your database credentials.

If this database is an empty mysql-database, insert the contents of the file /development/mysql.sql into it. This could be done by running the command 'updateMysql.php mysql.sql'

It will be wise to run the 'createDataObjects.php', also located in the developer/-directory, every time you change the structure of your database.