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Releases: gartnera/headunit


04 Mar 02:51
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Support for interleaved channel data

Android Auto v1.05

20 Dec 08:15
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  • Audio/video focus in and out of phone calls should work correctly now
  • Audio streams correctly registered with CMU to have the right switching behavior with media vs. prompts
  • Use car GPS for real now and fix conflicts with the built-in nav system.
  • FAV (⭐) key switches back to car audio or opens the AA music player if car audio already has focus.
  • Same as AA v1.08 in AIO Tweaks

Android Auto v1.04

28 Sep 06:11
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  • When making or receiving a phone call AA will lose video focus press the FAV (⭐) key to regain video focus.
  • This will also need to be done at the end of the call.
  • Phone buttons on steering wheel can be used to answer and end calls.
  • Call answer button will also open the AA phone screen (if pressed while AA is open).
  • NAV button will go to AA home screen (if pressed while AA is open).

Vendor IDs and stability fixes

30 Sep 23:52
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Adding ZUK Vendor ID


12 Jun 21:15
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Added oppo to the vendor list


29 Jul 19:10
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A fix was found for AA not starting. I'm not going to get into what was causing the problem until it has been tested. Please post in gitter your results.

I've also removed the automatic sm.conf install, as people can't be bothered to read for 30 minutes before installing this sketchy code on their 20k car... Look at old releases and patch manually if you want automatic audio and buttons.


27 Jun 12:52
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Issues have been encountered with new versions of google play services. If you have a fully up to date phone, it probably won't let you use AA.

Only tested on v55. If you are on another version, I suggest removing the sm.conf from the zip file. As that file has a tendency to change with each release and is critical to CMU function.

See for more details.


05 Jun 19:02
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Slight update, working towards a permanent audio fix.


  • When using fav key to switch to radio, track keys allow you to change between presets
  • When exiting AA, audio automatically switches back to radio


21 May 17:29
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Slight update to hopefully fix some of the not_running errors. Should be safer for v56 too.

An uninstaller is also attached.

Chat here:

Version 9 Release

19 May 03:30
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NO WARRANTY IMPLIED. Some of the things I/we do to get things to work are super sketchy. Use extreme caution if you've messed with any of the car's file system or installed lots of mods. Please report bugs in the issue tracker. If you report a bug, I expect that you'll have SSH access to the system to debug things. Note, there's only so much progress that can be made without knowing the full android auto spec.

Install procedure

  1. Read the OP
  2. Read the OP again
  3. Skim the thread quick to see some common issues
  4. Copy (extract) zip file onto blank USB drive (FAT < 8GB)
  5. Start car
  6. After car has started, insert usb drive
  7. Wait until prompts pop up (can be up to 5 minutes)
  8. Follow prompts, and the install should be complete.


  1. Start Car
  2. Wait until infotainment system is fully booted (Android Auto menu option not gray)
  3. Plug phone in
  4. Select Android Auto option

If you want to be able to connect your phone at any stage, you should alway keep a usb drive with media in the car. It don't have to be playing, just connected. I didn't confirm this advice.

If audio doesn't work, unplug the phone and reboot the car (hold back + nav + mute)

Changes over v0.83

  • Backup cam is no longer broken
  • Media keys work and voice button works
  • Press favorite key to toggle between AA audio and radio audio
  • Press home key to quickly kill AA
  • Some startup issues fixed

Known issues

  • Credits only displayed on first opening of AA
  • Blank screen after exiting AA if backup cam was used
  • when returning from backup cam, first frame will be static/garbage. A new gui frame needs to originate from the phone before static disappears.
  • Phone bluetooth not functioning (disable bluetooth on car/phone)
  • Next and previous buttons will generate two keystrokes the first time pressed


  • fix phone
  • use track keys to switch radio stations when in radio mode
  • fix audio level issues (try skipping a song, then pause and press play again)
  • commander control