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Maybe it would help if there are some hints for the setup.
People already testing have no problems, but new people will run into error messages.

I never created testreports before and I found the instructions here quite bad:

Most steps in the QuickStart failed for me and it took me quite some work to get this now up and running with cpanm-reporter. At least before cpanm-reporter I directly gave up and ended in not-submitting-tests :-P

What I needed to do:

1) Run metabase-profile and copy to ~/.cpantesters/metabase_id.json

2) Create ~/.cpanreporter/config.ini by hand (copy from QuickStart) since following the advice in the QuickStart did not generate it.

3) Change https in the config.ini to http, because SSL stuff fails on my machine and I didn't find any howtos yet that helped me fix this.

Maybe there could be some words about this stuff in the docs, or at least a hint or a link to what is needed..? I can also write it for you if you like.


Hi Boris!

The new cpanm-reporter (version 0.07) has the '--setup' option that creates/updates the config.ini file for you. Even if you forget about '--setup', if the config.ini file is missing then cpanm-reporter will prompt you with the setup anyway :)

Oh, and it also sets up the metabase_id for you (I hope!)

Thanks again! And thank you for using cpanm-reporter!

@garu garu closed this May 8, 2013

I will let you know when I have tried. Thanks

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