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Revision history for MojoX-Log-Log4perl
0.11 2016-05-30
- show format() warning only once per run (thanks Chris Foote
for reporting the issue and Brad Macpherson for the patch)
0.10 2014-08-11
- basic support for Mojo::Log's format(), to prevent the
default 404 page from croaking (thanks Sergei Khomutov)
0.09 2014-03-16
- new history() and max_history_size() to stay up-to-date
with Mojolicious's log expectations (thanks Olivier Duclos)
0.08 2013-12-07
- typo fixes in the documentation (thanks David Steinbrunner for
spotting and fixing them)
0.07 2013-09-15
- Fixed test issue on Win32 (thanks Graham "plicease" Ollis
for reporting and proving a patch)
0.06 2012-08-20
- Fixed typo in pod example code (Spiros Denaxas)
- Updated code to make use of Mojolicious' event emitter
(as a side effect, this module is now only compatible with
Mojolicious 2.0 and greater)
0.05 2012-08-13
- Log methods now return $self (Thanks Bob "Stocks" Stockdale for reporting)
0.04 2011-10-28
- Added option to initialize via init_and_watch() (Marius Kjeldahl)
0.03 2010-12-10
- Fixed caller depth for %F and friends (BDUGGAN)
0.02 2009-10-14
- Fixed $logger->level() (Thanks to Bzek++ for spotting it
and helping with the fix).
- updated documentation with more examples
- added more tests
0.01 2009-07-21
- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.