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These are the caption files in English and in various other languages
for some of the screencasts in my YouTube channel.

Each screencast has its own subdirectory.
In each subdirectory you will find a file called english.sbv
which is the English caption file. It is based on the automatic
transcription that YouTube generates and then it is improved. Hopefully.

Before attempting the translation of any of the screencasts we first
have to make sure the English transcriptions are good.

Some were already manually fixed (that's indicated next to each entry),
those can already be translated.

Most of them are still the original automatic transcription.
Those need a lot of improvement before they can be used as caption.

Each translation should have its own .sbv file with the name of the
language being the filename.

The name of the translators should be added to this readme file.

If you are interested in translating any of these screencasts,
please get in contact with me so I can list you in this file.

Look at the status of each video. There are two that
already have real English subtitles and one has Russian.
All the rest need English subtitles first and once that's
done, they need the translations.

There is a script called in the repository
that will check if all the timestamps are correctly formatted.



GCI participants:
Please fork this repository, push your updates and send pull requests.
This will make it easier to review your work.
Please also click on the 'Review needed' button on Melange so they will
have the proper accounting trail. (No need to upload the file there

What is MetaCPAN?        2011.07.25_what_is_metacpan/
English: done                   (szabgab - Gabor Szabo)
Russian: done                   (ash     - Andrew Shitov    )
Korean:  done                   (keedi   - Keedi Kim )
Hebrew:  done                   (Yuval Yogev)

Modern Perl Tutorial part 04   2011.07.20_modern_perl_tutorial_04/
English: done                     (hator - Jan Michalski)
Polish: done                      (schmiela - Stanisław Chmiela)

Modern Perl Tutorial part 03   2011.07.19_modern_perl_tutorial_03/
English: in progress             (wetpat )

Modern Perl Tutorial part 02   2011.07.19_modern_perl_tutorial_02/
English: done                    (Piotr Wasko piiteer )

Contributing to a CPAN module   2011.07.13_contributing_to_cpan/
English: done                     (betoesquivel -  José Alberto Esquivel)
Spanish: done		              (betoesquivel -  José Alberto Esquivel)
Due to techincal issues at YouTube with this video, the subtitles cannot be uploaded.
So for now we won't need any more translations.

The View menu of Padre v0.84   2011.11.23_the_view_menu_of_padre_v_084
English: almost done              (Pawel Zych pzych)
Hebrew: in progress               (Dvir Oren)

Autocompletition in Padre, v0.87   2011.07.10_autocompletition_in_padre/
English: done                     (Rafał Stefański - ravst)
Russian: done                     (Alex Subach)

The File menu of Padre v0.84   2011.07.07_the_file_menu_of_padre/
English: done                     (MatmaRex - Bartosz Dz )
Russian: done                     (Alex Subach)

Building a blog engine using Perl Dancer 2011.06.29_building_blog_with_dancer/
English: done                     (szabgab - Gabor Szabo)
German:  done                     (mrbauff - Felix Kastner)

Fetching data from YouTube using Perl   2011.06.26_fetching_data_from_youtube/
English: done?                    (KenuR at GCI)

Modern Perl Tutorial - part 01      2011.06.24_modern_perl_tutorial_01/
English: done                     (wesjdj   - Wes Johnson)
Hebrew: done                      (yogiyogi - Yuval Yogev)
Spanish: done 			  (betoesquivel - José Alberto Esquivel)
Russian: done                     (Alex Subach)

Using the built-in debugger of Perl as REPL   2011.06.22_using_the_built_in_debugger_as_repl/
English: done                     (mishin, Nikolay Mishin )
Russian: done                     (mishin, Nikolay Mishin )
Hebrew:  done                     (Yuval Yogev)
Polish: done                      (Marcin Kostrzewa  - kustosz)

Padre on Strawberry Perl v5       2011.06.20_padre_on_strawberry_perl/
English: done                     (Karolynn  - Lovelace - Karolina Kowal)

Using the built-in debugger of Perl    2011.06.15_using_the_built_in_debugger/
English: done                      (Yuval Yogev )
Hebrew: done                       (Yuval Yogev )


older screencasts will be listed later.

The original is (C) Copyright Gabor Szabo,
The transcriptions, translations (C) Copyright the respective authors.

All the material is licensed Creative Common CC-BY