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Open IAS Scoreboard is an Electron application to use for putting scoreboards on sports event livestreams.
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Open IAS Scoreboard

Travis (Main) Build Status Drone Build Status License: APGL-3.0 GitHub tag (latest by date) FOSSA Status

Open IAS Scoreboard is still in development and not ready for production use.

Open IAS Scoreboard is an Electron application originaly for putting scoreboards on IASAS event livestreams.

While this was the original use of Open IAS Scoreboard, feel free to use the program for any purpose. Any pull requests that expand the capabilities of Open IAS Scoreboard, even beyond the original purpose is appreciated.


  • Scorekeeping
  • Game Clock
    • Count Down
    • Count Up
    • Adjust on the fly
  • Keyboard Bindings
  • Set Team Logo
  • Multiple Scoreboard Tabs
    • Set up future games in a new tab then keep it hidden
    • Control multiple Scoreboard scoreboards through one control window.
  • Open Source
  • Cross Platform

Control Board Screenshot Scoreboard Screenshot



If you found a bug or have a feature request, please make an issue.

Feel free to make pull requests with bug fixes or new features. You may also make an issue with a new feature proposal so that it can be discussed before beginning work.


Copyright © 2019 Gary Kim <>

Source code licensed under AGPL-3.0-only

FOSSA Status

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