yasnippet compatible versions of the TextMate-bundled rSpec snippets.
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yasnippets snippet definitions for use with rSpec

for information on yasnippets see http://code.google.com/p/yasnippet/
for information on rSpec see http://rspec.info


- setup.el: a convenient way to load these snippets as programmatically, e.g.
  (load-library (concat "your-snippets-dir" "/yasnippets-rspec/setup.el"))

- rspec-snippets: the actual directory of snippets

differences from the TextMate versions:

- Controller snippets, describe blocks, matcher gain {lead,trail}ing newline

- RESTful controller dropdown order is natural (vs. GET|POST|PUT|DELETE)

- it block handling broken into "it" for the block form and "itd" for a
  one line form

- mock_with snippet order is natural (vs. mocha|flexmock|rr)

- should{,_not} be_instance_of snippet shortcuts changed shbio and
  shnbio for consistency

- dropped 'shkof' for should_not be_kind_of, opting for the more
  consistent shnbko

- should{,_not} eq{ua}l matcher order is now natural

- should{_not} {match,=~} order is now natural

- should_{redirect,render,respond} order is now natural