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Watch for changes in all .py files. If changes, run nosetests.
# By Gary Bernhardt,
# Based on original by Jeff Winkler,
import sys, glob, os, stat, time
from hashlib import md5
import subprocess
import re
FILE_REGEX = re.compile(r'(py|README)$')
STAT_INTERVAL = .25 # seconds
CRAWL_INTERVAL = 10 # seconds
class Crawler:
def __init__(self):
self.last_crawl = 0
self.filenames = []
def crawl(self):
# Only crawl if enough time has passed since the last crawl
if time.time() - self.last_crawl < CRAWL_INTERVAL:
return self.filenames
self.last_crawl = time.time()
# Build a list of all directories that are children of this one
paths = ['.']
for dirpath, _, filenames in os.walk('.'):
paths += [os.path.join(dirpath, filename)
for filename in filenames]
# Return all files in one of those directories that match the regex
filenames = set([path
for path in paths
if, path)])
self.filenames = filenames
return self.filenames
def checksum(self):
Return a dictionary that represents the current state of this
def stat_string(path):
stat = os.stat(path)
return '%s,%s' % (str(stat.st_size), str(stat.st_mtime))
return dict((path, stat_string(path))
for path in self.crawl()
if os.path.exists(path))
iterations = 0
def print_changes(changed_paths):
global iterations
iterations += 1
print '----- Iteration', iterations, '(%s)' % time.ctime()
if changed_paths:
print ' Changes:', ', '.join(sorted(changed_paths))
def change_generator():
yield []
crawler = Crawler()
old_checksum = crawler.checksum()
while True:
new_checksum = crawler.checksum()
if new_checksum != old_checksum:
# Wait and recaculate the checksum, so if multiple files are being
# written we get them all in one iteration
new_checksum = crawler.checksum()
old_keys = set(old_checksum.keys())
new_keys = set(new_checksum.keys())
common_keys = old_keys.intersection(new_keys)
# Add any files that exist in only one checksum
changes = old_keys.symmetric_difference(new_keys)
# Add any files that exist in both but changed
changes.update([key for key in common_keys
if new_checksum[key] != old_checksum[key]])
old_checksum = new_checksum
yield changes
def main():
old_checksum = None
for changed_paths in change_generator():
os.system(' '.join(sys.argv[1:]))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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