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@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@ Do Not Want kills those methods dead so you won't cut yourself on them:
>>, 5)
DoNotWant::NotSafe: User#update_attribute isn't safe because it skips validation
-## Why Do It Do It
+## Why Do It Do It?

robert-wallis Feb 18, 2013

Should this be "Why do I do it?" or is it some reference to Starsky and Hutch?


garybernhardt Feb 20, 2013


it's neither a typo nor a reference

In my experience, even experienced Rails developers don't know which ActiveRecord methods skip validations and callbacks. Quick: which of `decrement`, `decrement!`, and `decrement_counter` skip which? (Hint: they're all different.)
-## How Do It Do It
+## How Do It Do It?
It `define_method`s them away.

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