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I made a tiny change in the go-oauth code you wrote. It is working well for me and I've integrated it as my oauth1 support in my web toolkit. (Seven5 is the toolkit, hoping to push out a new release in the next couple of weeks.)

Anyway, when integrating go-oauth with evernote I found that evernote doesn't supply the oauth_token_secret at the 2nd token exchange. This is a documented behavior on their website, so I suppose they know what they are doing...

Please merge if you want, otherwise I'll leave it in my account.



I submitted e54801b to allow "" as a secret. Can you test this change and let me know if it works with Evernote?

If a flag is required for Evernote, then the flag should be specified in the Client struct instead of the method parameters. The flag is logically a per-client setting. Specifying the flag in the client avoids breaking existing users of the package.


I did a quick test with e54801b and found that it fixes the problem with Evernote.

@garyburd garyburd closed this
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Commits on Jan 25, 2013
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Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 oauth/oauth.go
10 oauth/oauth.go
@@ -363,7 +363,7 @@ func (c *Client) Post(client *http.Client, credentials *Credentials, urlStr stri
return client.Do(req)
-func (c *Client) request(client *http.Client, credentials *Credentials, urlStr string, params url.Values) (*Credentials, url.Values, error) {
+func (c *Client) request(client *http.Client, credentials *Credentials, urlStr string, allowEmptySecret bool, params url.Values) (*Credentials, url.Values, error) {
c.SignParam(credentials, "POST", urlStr, params)
resp, err := client.PostForm(urlStr, params)
if err != nil {
@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ func (c *Client) request(client *http.Client, credentials *Credentials, urlStr s
if credentials.Token == "" {
return nil, nil, errors.New("No OAuth token in server result")
- if credentials.Secret == "" {
+ if credentials.Secret == "" && !allowEmptySecret {
return nil, nil, errors.New("No OAuth secret in server result")
return credentials, vals, nil
@@ -405,19 +405,19 @@ func (c *Client) RequestTemporaryCredentials(client *http.Client, callbackURL st
if callbackURL != "" {
params.Set("oauth_callback", callbackURL)
- credentials, _, err := c.request(client, nil, c.TemporaryCredentialRequestURI, params)
+ credentials, _, err := c.request(client, nil, c.TemporaryCredentialRequestURI, false, params)
return credentials, err
// RequestToken requests token credentials from the server. See
// for information about token
// credentials.
-func (c *Client) RequestToken(client *http.Client, temporaryCredentials *Credentials, verifier string) (*Credentials, url.Values, error) {
+func (c *Client) RequestToken(client *http.Client, temporaryCredentials *Credentials, verifier string, allowEmptySecret bool) (*Credentials, url.Values, error) {
params := make(url.Values)
if verifier != "" {
params.Set("oauth_verifier", verifier)
- credentials, vals, err := c.request(client, temporaryCredentials, c.TokenRequestURI, params)
+ credentials, vals, err := c.request(client, temporaryCredentials, c.TokenRequestURI, allowEmptySecret, params)
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, err
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