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git tag #7

yhahn opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Any chance of getting a git tag for the latest (and possibly previous) release of JSV? Would be great to have stable tags to reference in the repo.


Currently, the master branch is the latest and stable release of JSV.

I've been meaning to go back and tag commits, as well as create a changelog of what I've done so far. Next time I make a change or fix to JSV, I'll look into doing this.


@garycourt Please tag a release so that we can use the tarball on - shout if you need a hand. Don't bother with past releases the only thing everyone is ever concerned about is the latest version.

With semantic versioning if you should screw up it is no biggie, just fix the problem and tag the last commit with upped patch number. We'll still love you =)

Please note: If you look at above link on within the next 24hrs, and you don't see download links in the list then you're probably not going to get the full meaning of the URGENCY. Please check back until you see a page that auto updates itself with info from github, including open issues, forks, watchers, et al....

Looking at the tags as official releases is the only reliable and common way across diverse projects for us to determine the latest version. Unless you have a better idea, I am open to suggestions? As the most popular implementation in JavaScript you have a responsibility to set the example. I doubt you have any trouble finding a helping hand with 260+ followers but here I am raising my hand just in case.

Bonus points, it also closes the oldest issue on your books so what are you waiting for? Lets close this before 2013, what do you say?


Latest release is now tagged.

@garycourt garycourt closed this

Awesome! Well done!... pity we're not using it anymore, I thought it was wicked.



heheh you didn't make it before the new year I see =)

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