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DDD Scotland, 10/02/2018

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The first longer outing of this talk, at DDD Scotland on 10/02/2018. It runs around 40 minutes.

Questions afterwards were (from memory):

Q: How do you write a client that handles this?
A: For things that are generic (next/prev links etc) that's easy enough, but for most stuff you need to shift from thinking about fixed integration (using pre-defined URLs) to domain knowledge. Your API has to say explicitly what the resources and actions are, and clients need to work in those terms.

Q: Where exactly are you suggesting we use HTML5?
A: As the serialization formats for APIs we serve up. Where we use JSON today, I'm suggesting we use HTML5 because it has everything that JSON has and a bunch of stuff I think is useful.

Q: Isn't something like Swagger good enough?
A: Swagger is a useful thing by itself, but it still encourages fixed integration, rather than learning the controls available at any given moment. That encourages clients to couple themselves to how things are today, rather than being open to change.