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Provides a few chainable methods to have better control over element text.
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What is it for?

Allows you to insert text anywhere within a text field. You can also determine where the caret is and what text is selected.


Insert text wherever the caret is in your input field.

jQuery.setCaretPosition(start, [end])

Sets the caret position to the given values. If end is present the text will be selected.


Returns the starting position of your caret.


Returns the text within the selected portion of the item. It is a very good workaround for the way window.getSelection() does not give you selected text inside form elements in Firefox.


  • Mike (aka oste on github) provided a fix for a textarea bug.
  • lipanski provided a fix for editable containers
  • schulzch made certain conditionals more robust
  • Alexandre Kirillov (marexandre) fixing tests

Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License. Copyright © 2010-13

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