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This repo contains the code for the website.

I'm putting it out there because I figure, why not let the group mess around with it. It could definitely use a lot of improvement. Branch away.

If you look in public/src/signatures, I've created the basis for an idea I've had. Basically it's a member list, except that members could contribute a piece of code that's essentially a 'plugin' for the page. The Javascript links that appear at the bottom of the index page are an example of that (see bruno-c.js).There's another example in the aptly named example.js. The idea is to sort of put your signature on the page as a member by creating a piece of code that does something fun (or not, up to you).

The site currently runs on Sinatra, on my Dreamhost server. I wouldn't mind moving it to Heroku. Or moving it to a host that's got Node JS on it or another server side JS platform, because after all this is a JS user group. I'm open to suggestions.

More on this at the next meetup.