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3D Printroom

Warning: Work in Progress!


A node-webkit application that acts as a simple 3D printer file explorer.

Grand Plan

Using file explorers to manage 3D printer files is a bit clunky. There are no previews and the metadata held in most gcode files is not visible. This leads to long filenames consisting of some key attributes, e.g. directdrive_bowden_holder.PLA.slow_PLA_prusa.0.24.gcode. Once a folder contains more than a few files it becomes tricky to manage.

This app is a little side project which attempts to address this problem, inspired by Adobe Lightroom (which does an admirable job of organising photos). Rather than attempt a modification of Windows Explorer to handle 3D printer files I decided to make something more portable. I chose node-webkit so I could develop with web tech and still use node.js in order to access local filesystems.

Screen shot



  • STL preview
  • Gcode preview
  • Gcode attribute display (Slic3r only)

Future Features

  • Ad-hoc collections
  • Remember & browse folders
  • Folder sync
  • Additional metadata, e.g. ratings, comments
  • Send to slicer
  • Send to printer host


At this stage the best bet is to follow the hacking instructions below and run the latest version using node-webkit directly. If you want to simply play with a version there is a Windows binary here: 3D-Printroom-distribution.zip. (Linux and Mac will have to sadly follow the hacking instructions below.)

  • Download and extract zip file.
  • Double click 3D-Printroom.exe.
  • An example folder is already included.
  • Drag and Drop a folder containing your STL and Gcode files to the top left window.


  • Clone the project.
  • Install node-webkit.
  • Install the node dependencies.
    • humanize
    • jade
    • moment
    • nstore
    • underscore
  • Run with nw.exe --disable-application-cache 3D-Printroom (where '3D-Printroom' is the project folder)