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Removed alternative deploy method as it doesn't actually work when deployed to github. See: #1 (comment)
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1 parent f37e4ad commit 33db7c022daf5c175f6de4c1f652fbef62903fab @garyhodgson committed Sep 23, 2012
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@@ -16,15 +16,6 @@ Instructions
* Test locally with jekyll, or commit and push to github.
* When pushed, view at, an example project can be seen here:
-Alternative Method
-* Follow the instructions above but instead of copying the contents of githubiverse-template, create a submodule for the gh-pages branch into a folder called, for example, template. I.e. `git submodule add -b gh-pages git:// template` Make sure to use the git read-only url syntax, i.e. git://...
-* Copy the _config.yml file from the template folder to the root folder and add the following at the top: `source: template`
-This has the benefit that the submodule can be updated without having to copy the new files in each time. One could fork githubiverse-template, edit it to your taste, and then use it as a submodule in all your 3D printing projects. Updating the shared template would mean only having to update the submodule in each project.

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