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Multiple projects under one github entry? #7

o-jasper opened this Issue Apr 25, 2013 · 2 comments

2 participants


Otherwise i feel i have to make about 15 little pages for tiny projects. Seems a little overkill.
How would you go at adding that feature?

Maybe allow for a link 'author also made', i like how it is completely-not cluttery now though.


Hi Jasper,

I believe that user t-paul did something to address this problem some time ago. Have a look at his githubiverse page here, and notice the list of projects along the top:

It doesn't look like he forked the template directly so it may be necessary to look into the code of his gh-pages branch:



Thanks! I'll take a look at that. I currently put my stuff on thingiverse but feel the place is a bit constricting and facebook-like, and expected to be used for makerbots ends.(stopped myself from going into the whole topic of publishing the stuff)

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