Contains the specification, and supporting work, for the Thing Tracker Network.
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Dormant Project

Please note that this project is no longer actively maintained.

Thing Tracker Network

This repository holds the specification for the Thing Tracker Network proposal.

Have a look at the main website for more details:


The schema is given in two formats: js-schema for conciseness, and json-schema which can be read and parsed directly, (using JSON.parse, for example). The js-schema version has to be read in via an eval() or a Function statement, which makes it less secure.


Several example tracker documents are given to give an idea of how the specification can be used.

Thing Maker

A simplistic program to create a thing that can be distributed via the BitTorrent protocol can be found in the thingmaker directory. A simple Javascript program to read a torrent file (which could be created from the above) can be found on the ThingMaker Page.

Further Information