A template for a simple site to participate in the Thing Tracker Network.
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A template for a simple single page web application which presents information from a Thing Tracker file.

Demonstration Site


  • Clone or copy this project.
  • Modify the contents of tracker.json adding meta-data about your Things. Most attributes are self-explanatory, and most are optional so if something is not needed it can usually be deleted. See the specification for details, and feel free to ask in the community for advice.
  • It is recommended to add thumbnail images in the thumbnails folder so they are loaded locally to the website. These can be referenced in the tracker directly, e.g.
  • Be careful that tracker.json is valid - a wrong trailing comma can cause the site to fail to render.
  • Optionally feel free to modify the look and feel of the site. The site uses AngularJS and AngularUI Bootstrap, and the main css file (css\ttn-client.css) is relatively straight-forward to modify.
  • Once satisfied upload the site to your favourite hosting provider.